WTB Softboxes/Beauty Dishes

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Albino_BlacMan Senior Member • Posts: 1,006
WTB Softboxes/Beauty Dishes

I’m looking to pick up some softboxes and/or some beauty dishes. What I’d be looking for is:

1x X-Large Softbox (Min 5 feet on the long end)

1x Large Softbox (Around 4 feet on the long end)

2x Small Softboxes (Around 2 feet on the long end) or Beauty Dishes (White interior between 20 and 24 inches would be great)

Thread open

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Paul Auclair Veteran Member • Posts: 4,592
Re: WTB Softboxes/Beauty Dishes


all the items you mention are not "one brand(modifier) fits all/any other brand(light source)".

as with lens mounts and camera bodies...

you'll need the proper mount(adapter) for the light modifiers to fit your light(s).

i spent hours and hours and hours 'researching' and went with Alien Bees (Paul C Buff).

PCB is good affordable made in USA equipment. plenty of selection/accessories, great service, and again...good equipment.

i wouldn't fall on a sword to claim it's the best but its good and more than plenty good enough than i need.

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Paul Auclair Veteran Member • Posts: 4,592

i bought a bundle of PCB a few years back and the softboxes were quite 'not impressive/thin wall material' but they did the job.

I bought another bundle more recently and the material PCB uses for their SB/Brollys are way way improved and on par with anything Ive seen from the way way more expensive brands...and I've seen plenty.

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OP Albino_BlacMan Senior Member • Posts: 1,006
Re: also...

Thanks Paul,

I know it's not one size fits all but worst case scenario I should be able to pick up speedrings for anything I buy to attach them to whatever lights I end up getting.

So yeah! My WTB ad still stands!

Thanks for the input though (and I am looking at AB lights and modifiers).


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