with camera should I buy?

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RX100, old style, all the way...

I have the RX100, and would agree it's at the limit of pocketability, but what it does offer is (if you process the RAWs) entry level DSLR or MILC equivalent imagery. I have the NEX 5N and I find myself reaching for the RX100 with no angst at all when I'm off out and about, it's that good. It has better overall image sharpness than the NEX with kit lens but is a bit harder to get a "best exposed" image. But once you get used to that and are prepared to PP, you can get the quality.

I would not hesitate in a heartbeat to buy it over any other pocket cam, for what it offers.

For the lower weight and few mm less thickness of the RX100 i can do without the hotshoe, wifi and flip screen of the II model.

I would like to see if IQ is improved in production model, however. As has been mentioned here the jury's out on the IQ, there's some indication of smearing of details but conversely a slightly better low light performance.

Is it worth another few hundred $, even if better overall? Hmmm debatable.

I am currently of the opinion I may buy another RX100 when prices drop, simply because It's so darned good, and I have worked mine alot (around 12-13000 frames) and dropped it a couple of times (not in use but silly carelessness in neoprene case). By then , maybe the cost diff will be 40% difference, not insignificant

Now that's an indictment if ever there was one

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Re: with camera should I buy?

It sound too good to be true

Do you know if it possible to put another lens? Because my father worked at Carl Zeiss few years ago and form there I got a nice lens and I want have possibility to use it.

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Re: with camera should I buy?

The SONY RX100. Very pocket able. I keep mine in a pelican 1010 case. Excellent photo quality.

Olympus E-PM2 with Panasonic 14-42 X PZ pancake zoom. You always have the option of later adding an Oly 45mm or Panny 20mm.

Or perhaps the ultimate (Two cameras):

Ricoh GR (fixed 28mm)

Olympus E-PM2 with Panasonic 14-42 X PZ pancake zoom and the Oly 45mm.  (or skip the zoom and just get the 45mm)  Currently this camera is $425.00

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Re: with camera should I buy?

Jim King wrote:

The EOS M is a flawed product, and is probably being dumped due to poor market performance.

How so? I've read over reviews and the only thing rteally negative that came up was slow AF which is remedied by turning off the tracking focus that is by default on when you buy it. Pictures look really good, especially low light with film like grain.

I've also viewed samples from its video output and they look fanatstic.

$300 for a good quality APS mirroless compact including a sharp lens is a bargain. I considered getting the Sony RX100 but that is also a much more expensive purchase and the low light samples do not look as good as those from the EOS M.

I'll give it a go when I get it and return it if it does work out for me,

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Re: with camera should I buy?

Take a look at travel zooms. They are compact,and, unless you are shooting billboards size photos take excellent if not pixel perfect shots.

They have a wide zoom range. We picked the Panny becuase it had the best stabilization of the group tested several years ago but try several and see what you like.

They are at the lower end of your price range. I carry my wife's when I jog, its that portable ad she has used it inside the churches and museums you will see in Vienna.

APS c sensors are great and the detail can be eye popping but to get a lot of good shots that will look good on a monitor or in a photobook the travel zooms are more than adequate.

They let you travel and enjoy the trip. The GPS is a nice gimick but not necessary. I suggest you not get a travel zoom with that but its your choice. More gadgets is more fiddling. I suggest you get a travel zoom and keep it simple.

These also have very comprehensive full auto modes so you will have a minimal learning period.

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Re: with camera should I buy?

Totally agree you should try before you buy. What someones else loves you may hate (OMD -E5  a case in point for me).

I have handled and like the Fuji XF-1. My local camera store has them reduced from $750 NZ to $450NZ (about $350 US)

You haven't said what type of photography you do or your experience.

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