Ming Thein DP3 Merrill review

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Tom Schum
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Re: Ming Thein DP3 Merrill review

Good review!  The grip should be incorporated into the camera design, so a regular SD14/15 SD1M battery could be used instead of the lowlife battery in the camera at the moment.  Call it a DP3Me.

Better battery life, better ergonomics, better looking, sounds really good!

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Tom Schum

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PrebenR Veteran Member • Posts: 3,529
Re: Not at all a problem
PrebenR Veteran Member • Posts: 3,529
Re: Ming Thein DP3 Merrill review

Definitely not better looks.
Lightwriting with Sigma

richard stone Senior Member • Posts: 2,411
Re: Really good review

Hornbrille wrote:

For such portraits it's necessary to lower the chrominance noise reduction to a minimum as described bei Bob in the X3-Magazine. I'd additionally lower the contrast and limit fill-light to 0.3 or less. BTW: I stopped showing unprocessed images to my wife and my mother in law.

Uwe 8-)

It's my belief that the Foveon sensor is somewhat sensitive to wavelengths that people don't actually "see," in real life...Sort of the visual equivalent to dog whistles. So subcutaneous "skin" flaws show. It's not exactly that we choose not to see such flaws, it's more that we don't see them at all. Calling it micro-contrast heads off in the wrong direction. Yet, on the other hand, sharpness plays a role, because suitably blurred the image looks more pleasing.

So unless the model is a (very) young person, where the skin looks remarkably good, or the model is wearing enough make up to prevent any real skin from showing, be ready.

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MOD Kendall Helmstetter Gelner Forum Pro • Posts: 20,015
Not an issue of self-image

PrebenR wrote:


That's all well and good to say.  I agree that many women are misled by such editing into thinking their own skin is terribly imperfect when in fact they are normal.

But the reality of the situation is that an image shot for a model to find work MUST be retouched, because everyone else's is.  It's not a matter of self-image, it's a commercial issue.  The people looking at portfolios all know model images have been retouched, but if one looks different (in a bad way) they will not take the time to think about why, they will simply discard that model from consideration.

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Scott Greiff
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Re: Really good review

Kendall Helmstetter Gelner wrote:

That's a pretty good review of the DP-3M, although I disagree a bit that the body without a grip is hard to hold. I don't think it's that bad.

True. I have a grip on my DP1M, but with the DP3M I find that my grip includes holding the lens, so I don't mind it too much.  The problem, with any of the DPs is the shape is not too single-handed-hold friendly.

One guy in the comments dislikes the images because of too *much* micro-contrast! He finds it distracting. Interesting, and I've not heard anyone say that before.

That reader must really like Disneyland.


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