Good, but . .

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Good, but . .

I am a long time low(er) prosumer photographer. Have used Pentax sine the K-1000 film (had also used Nikon Nikkormat, and Cannon- a little) and used to develop BW in my bathroom with cereal bowls and develop prints in paper trays. Later I was able to use REAL darkrooms.  LOL.  (OMG - the longevity of real film, especially black and white! compared to digital!!).

I was a late adopter of digital, up until about '08, IMO what you got was crud compared to film. But other than a few point n shoot my first real DSLR was Pentax K200 which I still use and love.

However, I do camp, hike, and generally wallow in the creeks and streams of the mountains, and my K200 has taken more than one tumble in these conditions and has semi survived. (little trouble getting it to focus sometimes - which might be the lens (28 - 250 Pentax 3.5 - the lens cost more than the camera).

So, I decided to try the Optio WG series, purchasing the Optio WG-3, non GPS. and Here's my experience:

Price - at about $260 on Amazon it seems a little pricy, the GPS one was about $300. Seems a little steep, but for quality pix, . . .well lets say, I'm willing to give a try. And 40 feet underwater will be interesting - I do scuba dive and will do a review on the shallow dives.

The good: easy to operate! I hate stuff that you have to RTFM very much. Pretty self explanatory, the menu options seem easy, many options. Pretty good pix. Good options on setting image size. I never USE much over 4 Meg. Will someone explain to most of the people using high pixel cameras that you don't need ans shouldn't use high res to post on FB, and emails and so forth???!!!

The Pix - Very happy with point n shoot options. Many great pix. suitable for any where from "snapshot" fun to some serious image production.

I'm going to put what I DON'T like about it here:

1) The contrast seems a bit off sometimes. For instance - was shooting landscapes on a heavily overcast day and I just could not capture the subtle shades I was seeing. May be an unfair comment as you may ask, "well why didn't you take your real camera", BECAUSE it was one of those ruggedized moments in the mountains! Creeks and streams, mud,  and rocks and rain! Wish I could post pic here to demonstrate.

2) *DOES NOT SEEM TO BRACKET PIX!!* I had no idea ANY modern camera would fail to have a bracket feature - especially since it does have multi-shot and time lapse features. ARE YOU KIDDING ME???

3) not happy with the charging port option. I hate to open the waterproof case to charge. Battery not as long lasting as I would like, Dream would be to shoot extensively on a 2 1/2 day camping trip without the low battery indicator. Not happenin here. I got about 2 days of modest / moderate use, using all the features including flash intermediately. Did not shoot vids - was not sure what this would do to the battery. Notes in the manual about battery conservation would be helpful (eg, does automatic use less battery than flash forced off. . Focusing, resolution, video, etc, Does turning off and on frequently use less or more battery than just leaving on? would like to know.

4) I saw that with some Optio WG's you can use a charging mat. It is not clear if that is an option for this unit - it is not dealt with in the manual. Maybe yes, maybe no. And if you can it's gonna cost about $50 for the mat, and not really any good idea prior to purchase whether this will work with this model.

Again - the good - pocket sized ruggedized camera that takes good to great pix most of the time. As advertized (though had not tried underwater yet) seems nice and rugged.

I would give a whole 1 star more if the stupid thing had a bracket feature!

Pentax WG-3
16 megapixels • 3 screen • 25 – 100 mm (4×)
Announced: Jan 29, 2013
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