Canon 100D VS Point & Shoot for Video

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Canon 100D VS Point & Shoot for Video

Hi everyone,

I posted a similar question a few weeks back but didn't explain myself right so I will try again fresh for a clearer answer. Need to choose between a Canon 100d/sli or Nex-5r or keep my P&Shoot

I currently shoot with a high quality Point and Shoot, I mostly do Video plus landscape photography.

The Videos are perfect full HD quality with 30/60 Frame options. Video is always in focus and clear.

I've been looking at swapping to either a Canon 100d or NEX-5r - i did a lot of research and both suit my needs in terms of what I'm looking for features, functions, price and importantly size.

Size wise there is not much difference between the two cameras - once the larger zoom lenses go onto the nex. I think the Canon is also easier to hold. It might be different for these cameras but I never really used the viewfinder which my P&S had.

Everyone always talks about these cameras slow to focus. For pictures this doesn't bother me but for video it's a concern. How do these really hold up against a P&S that's always in focus and the video quality it top notch.

Will these cameras constantly be refocusing and tracking especially when i zoom in and out during a video?

So with all that said between these two cameras only (or keeping my P&S), looking at video quality and usability alone which is better;

the Nex-5r or the Canon 100d/SL1 with a new STM lens.

Canon EOS Rebel SL1 (EOS 100D) NEX5R
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Re: Canon 100D VS Point & Shoot for Video

I cant speak for the Sony, but with the 100d, you are dealing with a larger sensor than a point and shoot, which means the Camera has to work harder to keep focus due to DOF. So I think you can expect some focus hunting in the 100d over a point and shoot.

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Re: Canon 100D VS Point & Shoot for Video

No one else?

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Re: Canon 100D VS Point & Shoot for Video

I know nothing about the Nex but Here is a video  which demonstrates the video AF  of the SL1/100D.

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Re: Canon 100D VS Point & Shoot for Video

dan801 wrote:

No one else?

as dshark pointed out, DOF is an issue. Both Nex and Canon are aps-c sensors - so same dof issue.

DOF issue: either stop down a lot, or maintain focus while filming. pros usually use manual focus. videos for AF focus with the 100d have been linked, and there must be many more on the web, youtube etc. it's still not perfect.    So, P&S has some advantage in this respect.

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