Deeper waterproof camera on the way?

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georgeandkathy New Member • Posts: 1
Deeper waterproof camera on the way?

I know Nikon now has a camera that will go to 59 feet (AW 110) and was wondering if there is anything on the horizon that will get deeper?  The 100 foot mark would be a great target as I could use it for scuba diving... I just sold my Panasonic as it only went to 40 feet...  59 feet is better but I think I may hold out a bit longer before buying something... Any rumours??? It would be a big market to capture...

Robert Anderson Senior Member • Posts: 2,261
Re: Deeper waterproof camera on the way?

There is very little light at 40 feet, even less at 59. These waterproof cameras have tiny sensors and don't do very well in low light. To shoot at greater depths you will probably need an external flash and/or a larger sensor. I think you would be better off with a large sensor compact in an underwater housing.

DaveOl Veteran Member • Posts: 3,191
Re: Deeper waterproof camera on the way?

The old Nikonos film cameras are really cheap and you should be able to attach a flash.

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