A 1DX A question

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onechobeach Regular Member • Posts: 269
A 1DX A question

Trying to make my decision finally and has a few questions.

I currently own the 5D MKiii and has been considering upgrading to the 1DX.

I take a wide variety of shots and type of photography but has recently got into sports and action photography. Cycling events, boxing and Snowboarding and considers that the 1DX would be perfect.

However I can only afford to really keep the one camera body if I upgrade and I also enjoy a fair amount of street photography, both candid and street portraiture.

My concern is that the 1DX would be both too bulky to carry all day even with my Black Rapid harness and secondly it is so prominant , bulky and large that you really cannot go unnoticed with such an expensive piece of equipment.

Target for muggings , not being able carry on photographing without notice or comment. concedes you cannot really go unnoticed with a 5D MKiii and a 70-200L 2.8 either.

I used to hate suddenly being centre of attention when lugging around my equipment but has got used to being noticed and people coming up to me and asking questions.

So opinions on the 1DX for day to day street photography.

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jjnik Senior Member • Posts: 1,319
Re: A 1DX A question

And you needed to start a 2nd thread (in this forum) on this same topic for...????

Mike921 Regular Member • Posts: 301
Re: A 1DX A question

I'm an older guy (55) and my usual walk around travel kit is a modular ThinkTank suspender rig, a 5D3 (w/grip) 24-70 and a 1DX 70-200.  The suspender rig distributes the weight of a couple lenses, water bottle, accessories, the 5D3 is around my neck, and the 1DX is on my shoulder.  I'm good for 6 hrs or so.

Yes, it tends to attract attention, so for a more covert shoot I use the 5D3 without grip and a shoulder bag.

IMHO, if you can budget only one body, get the 1DX, there are few places (at least environmentally) it can't go.

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(unknown member) Senior Member • Posts: 1,378
Re: A 1DX A question

For your concerns about weight, being notice, and possible security concerns, you should not go with the 1Dx.

When you no longer find excuses to not get the 1Dx, then it will be a great time to get that 1Dx.

Walter Sr

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(unknown member) Senior Member • Posts: 2,261
1 more post Walter until 1000 ! :)

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BRUCEK56 Contributing Member • Posts: 858
Re: A 1DX A question

..................you will miss the true silent shutter of the 5D3 in your street photography.

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alFR Regular Member • Posts: 286
Re: A 1DX A question

You could always get the 1DX and (budget allowing) get something like a Fuji X100 for the street stuff.

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Re: 1 more post Walter until 1000 ! :)


Thanks for reminding Me!

Walter Sr

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I am out to take the perfect picture, if it exits!

rddelliott Regular Member • Posts: 246
Re: A 1DX A question

You could always pair your 1Dx with the SL-1 for your street stuff.  I use mine with the 40mm pancake and really like the size for street use.  The nice part is you can use all your other Canon glass with the SL-1.

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KAllen Veteran Member • Posts: 3,874
Re: A 1DX A question

Well for sports like snowboarding and other harsh environments it has to be the X.

Street photography, get a cheap point and shoot.

Two completely different design sets.

Like tractors are great for ploughing fields but not much good for taking the family to the beach.

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OP onechobeach Regular Member • Posts: 269
Re: A 1DX A question

Thanks everyone.

Still agonising over the decision and generally thinking of reducing all the gear I have so that 2 or three lenses cover my every need. Unfortunately though a 400 F2.8 or the latest 200-400 are likely to remain out of my grasp.

Loves my photography, the love of my life really !! but rarely makes enough money to cover the costs.

Wishes i was 20 and starting out and not 50 having wasted most of my life doing a tedious job I hated !!!

But that is another thread....


ozgazza Regular Member • Posts: 176
Re: A 1DX A question

Hi Phil,

I have a 1DX and yes it is a big mother. I love it but have often wondered how the 5D Mkiii might go in the situations I shoot, which like you is a wide variety.

Personally I don't the body is what makes you conspicuous rather its the lens. The big white canon long lenses are very noticeable.

My advice? Ask yourself what the 1Dx can do that the 5D Mkiii can't that for you is also a must have. If its significant then upgrade - otherwise stay with what you have got.

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