Ixus 240 (Elph 320) = Ixus 125 (Elph 110) ?

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Ixus 240 (Elph 320) = Ixus 125 (Elph 110) ?

I am interested in one of these cameras. I couldn't find many sites that have reviewed both. One such site (Ephotozine) gave a better score to the 240 for image quality. On paper the two cameras look identical in performance: same sensor, same lens and same processor (Digic5).

I am not interested in the touchscreen or wifi.

In your experience, are there differences in image quality or performance between the two models ?

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minor feature differences

Essentially the same camera, but the 320 is considered a higher end model because it adds touch screen and wifi.

Picture quality will be the same.

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Re: minor feature differences

I also hope they are the same. Reasons being the 125 (110) is cheaper, easier to find and more developed CHDK wise

However I've seen opinions placing the 125 below the 240 on image quality, and some pictures suggest more noise with the 125 (see Ephotozine's reviews/pics: 125 and 240). They also mention worse performance at high ISO and more purple fringing on the 125. This could be due to actual hardware differences, or just a bad camera, or simply due to different settings / conditions when testing.

Also the colors and white balance seemed different (warmer, more vivid on the 240), which could again be due to differences in software or simply user settings.

I would be curious to hear if folks have actually shot with both cameras and had a chance to compare results.

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Note about CHDK

Just a heads up - I bought my little Ixus300 (discounted to $130) partly on the basis that CHDK was at "beta" development stage.  Unfortunately, the developer had given given up on it and while most features work, it remains "beta" and there's no prospect for a full implementation.  After I posted in the forum, a nice guy who doesn't own the camera worked with me to try to finish it off but couldn't.  (Basically the "zebra mode" and manual ND filtering don't work.)

I note that the Ixus125 CHDK is "alpha" and there's no listing at all for the Ixus240.  I would not assume CHDK is inevitable - it's up to individual volunteer developers - would read the developers "readme" notes in the 125 alpha download and visit the forum to see what may or may not be finished and if development is active.

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Re: Ixus 240 (Elph 320) = Ixus 125 (Elph 110) ?

I have a history of owning a number of Canon P&S cameras, dating back to S70.  Last Christmas I bought an Elph110 and the picture quality was a disappointment.  My friend had an Elph 320 and his pictures came out much sharper and had more dynamic range.  After ten days I just gave away the camera.

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