Met a pro photographer carrying both 6D and A99

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Met a pro photographer carrying both 6D and A99

During the memorial weekend I met a professional photographer carrying a huge box loaded with Sony A99 and Canon 6D, with tones of Caanon lenses and a few Sony lenses. He has an adapter to use Canon lens on A99. He also has a larger lcd screen that can be used as a remote view finder for A99.

He showed me how seemlessly the Canon lenses works on A99. There is almost no AF performnace lose. Of course it takes a little  practice to get used to the difference in focusing and  exposure.  He seemed to prefer Canon's lens over Sony, I foegot to ask if Sony's Zeiss lens works for full frame.

What attractsed him is A99's EVF, particularly the remote LCD. It is particularly useful at extreme low light, where Canon's optical finder can not help. The reason he also keeps Canon 6D is the overall convenience and the optocal view fonder, which works better for framing and composing under normal or contrasty lighting. Sony A99  has a little proble to see and judge the pciture's coloring and focus of interests. It's very harsh that both the shadow and the highlight region are either hard to see or could causing misjudge.

Overall, A99 seems a good complement, due to its EVF, to Canon ff DSLR.The price is good too, particularly niw there is a promotion that practically give away the battery grpi and a flash.

Canon EOS 6D Sony Alpha a99
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Re: Met a pro photographer carrying both 6D and A99

Don't see how a Canon lens could work on an Alpha, wonder if what you saw was some test unit for some new technology.

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Re: Met a pro photographer carrying both 6D and A99

Bring it on.

If I could carry my canon glass over to the Sony platform, I would chuck my 5Dmk2 in a HEARTBEAT. I assume Sony will debut a big sensor camera long before Canon wakes up.

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