I love goodbye messages, do you.

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Re: I love goodbye messages, do you.

Yeah i hear ya Digi. As for the 70-300 her and the E500 have a love affair going on but yes I sense a polygomist relationship in the wind.

The digital image is a dozen or so words
positioned carefully to paint a picture

that challenges the eye
and tricks the mind

into thinking, light is a title
and the palette a taste bud
worth tasting.

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It's cathartic

They needed a system to do something their current one didn't.  So they jumped ship, probably incurring considerable cost if they were invested in their current system.  Some simply want to express that and to perhaps let other people know what their option might be when the time comes.  As a forum fades, the equipment talk shifts from what is to what was and what is lacking, then the equipment talk starts to disappear because  there is nothing new, then people randomly talk about actual picture-taking.  Then not much of anything.

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Re: I love goodbye messages, do you.

RoelHendrickx wrote:

Raist3d wrote:

OlyChamp wrote:

Been noticeable of late folks switching gear and folks that you hardly see posting or commenting and they all post to say farewell to not the forum but the gear. Um what is their point?

If you jump ship please do it without fanfare.

Not that I care much for the subject, but this has been done on many forums all the time, certainly here and there's many reasons why some people want to do it. I think the best is, if you think it's too much fanfare and bad, just skip the thread.  Either nobody cares about the thread and it floats down pretty quick or some people actively care, and you know it's near the top so it's easier to skip.

Just my 2 cents.

I agree, but with both opinions.

I don't see the point of saying goodbye to gear, but I do see the point of saying goodbye to a forum you have enjoyed, especially if you have done so actively.

Those who don't care can just ignore.

What you say is understandable but what I am trying to say in the context of the op post is something else- whether you understand it or not people, may still post it- but everyone is more than empowered to not "be affected by it.".  There's no gun pointing at someone's head with the threat of "read that thread or else."

Also, to be clear, I am not suggesting someone "has to" consider or follow this advice.

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