young cat / LR export question

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bzx Regular Member • Posts: 231
young cat / LR export question

Hello all,

Here's a picture I made using NEX-5 with Canon 50mm 1.4 S.S.C., shot with f2.0, I believe.

The lens is well known and I am very satisfied with it.

But I noticed a colour issue when I was exporting this pic from LR4 to JPG. The exported version looks like it has a bit colder temperature than the picutre I'm looking at in Lightroom. I've tried to make a screenshot with the comparison but I am now really out of my mind or my eyes play tricks with me because I can't see no difference on the screenshot below, while I swear I saw that difference just a minute ago! The greens on the export are a bit colder.

I've tried looking up this problem but I did not find definite answers. My NEX is set up to shoot in sRGB and I'm exporting with the same color space. I am using Process Version 2012. I don't know where to look for solution.

I noticed that when I export completely unedited picture from LR (only with Auto-tone, PV2012 and Lens profile applied on import) then the export looks exactly like in the LR window. The cat image is of course heavily manipulated and this export looks different.. and I am unable to prove it

Please give me a hint.


above is Lightroom, below exported JPG opened with quick look and window laid over LR window.. the difference in temperature is noticeable.

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davect01 Veteran Member • Posts: 7,571
Re: young cat / LR export question

Super adorable!

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verybiglebowski Veteran Member • Posts: 3,869
Most probably - application color management problem

When Adobe export an image it partially convert it but mainly embed color management information. Because each picture viewer uses its own color management processing, and some applications or browsers doesn't use any, you might expect such a behaviour.

Maybe you can find few more answers here:

Nice image BTW

Hope it helps.

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bzx OP Regular Member • Posts: 231
yes, but..

I have read about color management in various viewers/apps, and I am aware that this might be the case, but then why unedited image looks the same in LR and in exported JPG?

I'm going to do more tests with other images.


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Arnaud Frich New Member • Posts: 14
Re: young cat / LR export question

Which  is your screen ? With large gamut or not ? Is important because on a sRGB screen i don't see the CT difference between two pictures. Which profile is assigned in your picture ?

Sorry for my english, I am a french photographer !

micdair Junior Member • Posts: 40
Re: young cat / LR export question

I guess it could be that you are working with 16bit color depth in LR but JPEGs support only 8bit colors which means the picture is being converted when saved. (Same happens to the screenshot, when saved as JPEG). Just my guess.

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