feedback on filminig!

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feedback on filminig!
If anyone has some tips for me?
But damn, I really need that auto focus! manual focus is a bit a pain in the ass I think!
I'm busy making my first video ( just for fun )

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Re: feedback on filminig!

Try using a monopod or a tripod.

Autofocus will never work for this so what you need is to close down your aperture to have a deeper depth of field and be able to focus better manually. Depending on you camera you migh be able to use focus peaking. Also using lenses designed for cinema will give you a much more precise focus. If you use a focus puller that will use his designated screen then things will get even better

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Re: feedback on filminig!

+1 on using a tripod. Best to use one designed for video, ie a "fluid head" tripod. A monopod can also be used if it is not possible, like shooting on the sidelines at a sports event. But a tripod is better. The number 1 problem with amateur video is to fix the shakes. Fix that problem first.

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- Bill

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Re: feedback on filminig!

first thing to do for me :

shutterspeed 1/60 ( in this vid it was 1/2000 wops )

making my own stabillisation kit as I don't have much budget anymore for a tripod

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