Fuji X20 Settings for Concert?

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davidfort New Member • Posts: 2
Fuji X20 Settings for Concert?

So I went to a couple of concerts the last few days and the pictures I took didn't come out quite as I expected. Does anyone know the best settings? Like what mode, which focus, shutter speed, etc.

Fujifilm X20
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arejukas New Member • Posts: 23
Re: Fuji X20 Settings for Concert?

Hi  David, I haven't tried it at a concert yet, but maybe have had some similar lighting situations. Here's a quick run down of what has worked for me in low or mixed light situations with moving people.

Although I tend to use either aperture priority, or P mode on the X20 during the day with good lighting, if people are moving around in low light, I tend to use shutter priority to control blurring. I don't use the enhanced DR mode, and for JPEGS at night I set it on BW-yellow with NR at -2 or -1, Sharpening and Shadows at -1, and Highlights at +1. I use exposure compensation to adjust on the fly (the dial seems to be in just the right place on the X20).

I don't go higher than ISO 800 and I do normally use an all raw workflow (except for a few tries with the in camera panorama mode, or focus stacking). I import through Aperture rather than ACR, and then finish processing in CS6 with Topaz deNoise for NR and Alien Skin for touch-ups, film simulation or color toning.

In low light or mixed light settings, I kept the IS on and adjust the shutter speed between a compromise of ~1/160 to minimize blurring of people shots, and sometimes very slow shutter speeds in the 1/8 to 1 sec range leading to swirling/blurred movements in larger room shots, but occasionally with the flash in slow synch mode to stop action on a main subject (probably not an option in a concert venue).

The higher ISO images look best to me in monochrome with light NR and some added simulated film grain. You can't get around the physics of a sensor 1/16th the size of a full-frame one, so expect to deal with more high ISO noise and less DR, but this little X-Trans sensor seems to produce better looking pictures than you would expect under tough lighting conditions. You can see some examples in the gallery on my blog.

Hope that helps.

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yellodog Senior Member • Posts: 2,011
Re: Fuji X20 Settings for Concert?

I've only been to one small concert with the X20. I used ISO 640 and A mode with the aperture pretty much wide open. Here is a shot straight from RAW with no PP. The zoom was more or less fully extended so the IS is pretty good at 1/20 of a second if the artists don't bounce around too much.

XavierP56 Contributing Member • Posts: 928
Re: Fuji X20 Settings for Concert?

Here's my method:

- Go in manuel mode.

- ISO 1600, RAW, DR100%

Concert with lights and huge area of dark means you can't trust the camera meter.

- Choose an aperture f/4, speed like 1/125.

- Take a picture and estimate if the exposure is adequate or not.

A noisy picture can be corrected using Lightroom. A blurried one can NOT. That's the main point : try to use the right speed for your focal and adjust the aperture. With practice, you'll be fine.

OP davidfort New Member • Posts: 2
Re: Fuji X20 Settings for Concert?

Thanks for the replies guys! Now what do I do about the exposure? The whole time I shot it was with a slow shutter speed. If I sped it up the pictures seemed way too dark but most posts I've seen said use somewhere like 1/125

XavierP56 Contributing Member • Posts: 928
Re: Fuji X20 Settings for Concert?

Shoot RAW. Guess aperture and speed, take a shoot, using the rear LCD, look at the picture...

Shooting RAW will give you some margin to correct the exposure in post-process but it's best to get it as close as possible.

Experience and practice help here.

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