>>>Saturday B&W Thread - 5/4/2013>>>

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snap Veteran Member • Posts: 6,207
>>>Saturday B&W Thread - 5/4/2013>>>

Hello Everyone -

It's time for our weekly monochromes!

You may post as little or as many images you wish to share. So please share with us the world you saw & captured in monochrome.

Last week's thread: http://www.dpreview.com/forums/post/51365466

The image(s) can be from any brand of camera. You can also say whether it was an in camera B&W and the mode or what PP software you use if you like.

Reply to this first post and change your subject line to reflect your subject. Please switch to "threaded view" instead of "flat view". I try and respond to all posts, but if your post is not threaded properly I may miss it.

You may include the colour originals if you like for comparison. 
It would be nice to hear why you chose B&W instead of colour.

Please be nice and comment on any photo you like. If possible, let's leave a full day for posting of the images and then we can follow up with comments. This should allow more people an opportunity to post an image.

Thanks in advance to all who participate and for making this something to look forward to each week.


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in_focus Forum Pro • Posts: 18,674

Photographed this blooming 'Prunus serrulata' in time of last sunrays of the day.. thought some sepia toning will make the image warmer..

Best regards from the Sunny side..

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Belpat Senior Member • Posts: 1,665

I played with that file last week and honestly.... I am not to sure if that is really B&W or is it the way the scene was looking Anyway here is Mount Algonquin in the Adirondaks Mountains.

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leeland48 Veteran Member • Posts: 8,704
Old Cornish Church.


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morepix Veteran Member • Posts: 9,576
Coastal defense, old-style

Fort Worden, at Port Townsend, WA, was an active US Army base from 1902 to 1953. Admiralty Inlet was considered so strategic to the defense of Puget Sound in the 1890s that three forts, Fort Worden, Fort Flagler, and Fort Casey, were built at the entrance with heavy coastal artillery creating a "Triangle of Fire" that could theoretically thwart any invasion attempt by sea.

Probably not so useful anymore except as a gallery for graffiti. High-key treatment courtesy of Nik Silver Efex Pro.

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carizi Veteran Member • Posts: 9,225
The Guardian

A mother (father?) paper wasp guarding the nest.

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DrMemory Forum Member • Posts: 83
Don't Fence Me In

I really enjoy this thread, now when I take my hikes, in the back of my mind I'm thinking - "What would this look like in B&W?"  Here are few images from my recent trip to southern Colorado.

Now I just need to get the old song out of my head - "Don't fence me in."

Raw >Lightroom > On One Software(Perfect B&W)

Trying out the new FZ200

Thank you for viewing.

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Deepak Kaw
Deepak Kaw Senior Member • Posts: 2,147
Three of a kind
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The Mick
The Mick Regular Member • Posts: 108
B and W Creekscape & Still Life

Taken at South Mountain State Park in North Carolina, USA.

Still life of thorny bush clippings my wife cut and painted flat black.  I used two flashes for lighting... one bounced off the ceiling and one with a homemade snoot for the backlight.

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windmillgolfer Forum Pro • Posts: 15,741
Re: B&W 5/4/2013> Gazebo

Lytham promenade Masonic Gazebo

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BYRON MCD 77-81 Regular Member • Posts: 268
old favourite reprocessed

Hello to everyone here.

My daughter and her cat sharing their siesta a few hot summers ago

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Puente De Brooklyn


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skimble Veteran Member • Posts: 6,178
Back to the roots

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Lumixdude Senior Member • Posts: 2,782

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in_focus Forum Pro • Posts: 18,674
Re: B&W?

Great image, excellent composition, Michel.. love the captured mood - kind of weather when sitting near a fire place with a hot beverage in hand is recommended .. I wouldn't be surprised if this is a color photo, was taking color shots out in the snow and they would turn into a B&Ws, LOL .. impressive image, thank you for sharing.

Best regards,

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in_focus Forum Pro • Posts: 18,674
Re: Old Cornish Church.

Lovely picture, Lee.. very impressed by crispness and sharpness, one could easily study the masonry technique here, each single stone is perfectly visible and defined .. looking at aged architectural beauties one wishes they could talk and tell us the stories of past times.. great work, mate.

Thank you for sharing, cheers..

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in_focus Forum Pro • Posts: 18,674
Re: Coastal defense, old-style

Good set, David.. I like your processing, it's adding to an old look of the place, seeing all the concrete,  methinks the fort has a long history to go jet .. found also images with some heavy guns mounted. Fine work, thank you for sharing.

Kind regards,

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skimble Veteran Member • Posts: 6,178
Re: Amanogawa

nice capture of this flowering tree with this rustic old building in the background Bruno,



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skimble Veteran Member • Posts: 6,178
Re: B&W?

have to agree with Bruno looks like a colour shot nice scenery

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