Manx shearwaters

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Manx shearwaters

Manx shearwaters, St. Brides Bay

We had incredible light towards the end of the Seabird Spectacular around Skomer Island on Wednesday evening. It didn't look likely that we would see the shearwaters as it was too bright but Carl, the Dale Princess skipper, spotted a raft of birds on the glassy sea in the middle of St. Brides Bay. It was an incredible sight as the birds lifted off the water and flew in front of the setting sun. The auks around the island were also impressive with tens of thousands circling in the air and rafting on the water with just as many sitting outside their burrows on the land. I am the wildlife guide on Wednesdays. More info here

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Re: Manx shearwaters

Nice. I left Skomer on Wednesday morning; got to see and hear the Manx at night bug didn't photography them.

Was my first visit there; a truly wonderful place.

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Re: Manx shearwaters

Very nice photo.

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Thanks for posting, have a great day.

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