How to create mat/double mat as a template?

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andyus08 Regular Member • Posts: 348
How to create mat/double mat as a template?


I'd like to create a mat/double mat and put it in a template or something so that i can just add/attach picture to.  What i mean is that i have a bunch of 12x18 pictures and it will be time consuming if i do mat/frame for every single pic.

Any tutorial, video , or link would be greatly appreciated.


JJMacks Forum Pro • Posts: 10,428
Re: How to create mat/double mat as a template?

Try action central there are many framing and mating action there

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drh681 Forum Pro • Posts: 20,287
What about this...

Photograph some mats and save the images as .psd files.

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ericN2 Forum Pro • Posts: 16,755
Re: How to create mat/double mat as a template?

If it can be assumed that all the pics you want to Frame this way are the same size to start with, it seems a good and easy solution would be to make an Action..or if necessary find an Action that gives the Frame you want, then adjust it if necessary for the dimensions you want .. then just make sure that all the pics you want to Frame are in one folder and do a Batch Action on each pic - using the pre-set Frame Action..  ??

Apart from a Frame Action of various types/styles I also have and use sometimes a rather nice Frame SCRIPT that is loaded into my CS and with which you can very easily do a big variety of Frames to suit any pic you choose.  MAY be a little bit less easy to run on a Batch (never tried it that way) but it's excellent to produce a varied Frame in sizes and color ..  sample here ..

Drop Shadows and Bevels can be chosen if you wish to have the Frame with those ...

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PaulinDE Regular Member • Posts: 346
Re: How to create mat/double mat as a template?

I have an action for CS6 which creates a double mat as shown below.  Should you be interested, drop me a private message, will gladly share.


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andyus08 OP Regular Member • Posts: 348
Re: How to create mat/double mat as a template?

Hi PaulinDE,

Sorry it took a while to get back forum. And yes, i'd like to have action if you can share. It looks really nice and similar to what i'm looking for even though i just need a single mat.


Thomas Niemann Veteran Member • Posts: 4,351
Here you go...

An action for a double matte can be downloaded from the Introduction page at this site.

Roger Roberts
Roger Roberts Junior Member • Posts: 48
Re: Here you go...

Wow, thanks a lot, a very good site and actions.

VicC Senior Member • Posts: 1,668

Hi there, nice site many thanks. Vic

Doug R Senior Member • Posts: 1,471
Re: How to create mat/double mat as a template?
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