NX300, 18-55mm Performing Arts 'Namsadang'

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Mcgyber New Member • Posts: 3
NX300, 18-55mm Performing Arts 'Namsadang'

South Korea Performing Arts 'Namsadang'

chrisrabe Contributing Member • Posts: 961
Re: NX300, 18-55mm Performing Arts 'Namsadang'

Wonderful pictures

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tecnoworld Veteran Member • Posts: 7,122
Re: NX300, 18-55mm Performing Arts 'Namsadang'

Gorgeous. If you had the 30mm and the 85mm with you, the pics could even be better (lower iso).

Nx300 is just a great little camera.

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viking79 Forum Pro • Posts: 14,137
Re: NX300, 18-55mm Performing Arts 'Namsadang'

Great shots!  I love that last shot.


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Bryan M
Bryan M Contributing Member • Posts: 924
Re: NX300, 18-55mm Performing Arts 'Namsadang'

Very nice!

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TJL LTFF Senior Member • Posts: 1,678
Re: NX300, 18-55mm Performing Arts 'Namsadang'

Nicely done; enjoyable shots.

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timedrun Contributing Member • Posts: 683
Re: NX300, 18-55mm Performing Arts 'Namsadang'

Wow, excellent.

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A little green rosetta......a tiny green rosetta........

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