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Re: new line of Kodak cameras

The new Kodak AZ361 bears a very strong resemblance to GE-branded bridge cameras of the recent past. Those are manufactured by a Chinese company, General Imaging. Lo and behold, a quick Google search led me to an informative article on Australian Web site Photo Counter. The article starts off with this:

"JK and General Imaging odd bedfellows

"JK Imaging and General Imaging – the company selling cameras under the GE brand – share the same Los Angeles office address – down to the same office suite number –  indicating at the very least a close working relationship between the two entities

"This is the same address, including Suite 550, that JK Imaging provides on its hastily cobbled-together webpage.

"General Imaging was founded by Hiroshi Komiya, who was on the scandal-ridden Olympus board of directors from 1997. In 2004 he became the first President of Olympus Imaging Corporation when the parent company spun off the imaging business as an independent company. He left Olympus in 2005 and in 2006 he established General Imaging as a privately-held company, with the licence to market cameras sporting the GE brand. . . ."

Here's a link to the GE camera line home page .

Click here for the JK Imaging (Kodak/Pixpro) home page.

Two nice things about the GE bridge cameras, IMO, is that they include an EVF and are quite affordable. Two not-so-nice things about them, alas, is that their image quality tends toward the mediocre and their EVF's lack diopter adjustment.

New Kodak-branded bridge cameras dispense with the EVF altogether. Here's hoping their IQ will be much better than that of the GE-branded cameras.

I wish the new Kodak designs would pick up where the P-880 or Z-990 left off. Maybe in time.

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Re: new line of Kodak cameras

Some very interesting information there so thanks for the heads up, I must say I think I would go for the GE X600 instead of the Kodak, all cameras in this range should have an EVF, there are a few reviews of the GE on the web and IMO one in particular did the shooting tests on the X600 and the quality looked pretty good.

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Re: new line of Kodak cameras

oldshutterbug, the GE X600 strikes me as bearing the most similarity to the new Kodak bridge camera, except for a difference in the pixel counts. My impression of the GE' cameras comes from past reviews. So, if the newest models produce better results, that's all to the good.

I've long thought the GE bridge cameras look like descendants of the Fuji S1000fd . I wonder if General Imaging was the original manufacturer or if it licensed the design (and maybe the molds for the body parts) from Fuji after production of the S1000fd ceased. That's trivia, I suppose, but it would be interesting to know.

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Re: new line of Kodak cameras

You may be interested in these upcoming Kodak cameras that bear NO resemblance to HP cameras and seem to be the dream Kodaks that folks here have been waiting for.  Take a look at these! (hot shoes!!!!)

Please let these cameras arrive and live up to our expectations...

I feel that the AZ series was created to get things going.  Kind of wish they would have started with the cameras above because they look spectacular (on paper).  The AZ series better be good - or the whole thing could stall.  I looked at the downloadable user manual and it seems very similar to the Z990 I own and love - with the exception of using a lithium ion battery.  That's a good thing.  HDR is present.  We'll have to wait for results from a broader range of shooters to make up our minds on exposure, color, sharpness, saturation, as well as response speed.  Frankly, if it's identical to the Z990 (IQ) but with lithium ion and faster response (focus to shot, etc.) - it's already pretty darned good.

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Re: new line of Kodak cameras

Did you read the comments following the article? I'm not sure how knowledgeable these individuals are (I expect they're about as in the dark as we are) and having said that, their comments did not exactly inspire confidence in me. JK Imaging is a marketing firm which did not exist until a few months ago? It bought the rights to use the Kodak name for better marketing and is farming this out to the lowest bidder and Asia Optical appears to be that company? Seriously? How much of this is real? I guess you could call me skeptical based upon these comments. I don't see the comparison they made between Panasonic and Sony using the Leica and Zeiss names since both companies are reputable and their product is well-known throughout the world. But Asia Optical and JK Imaging are another ball of wax altogether and neither is "Kodak".

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