How do you get Dye ink off your hands?

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Andrew Curatola Senior Member • Posts: 1,620
How do you get Dye ink off your hands?

I Googled it and I tried the following: Alcohol, Hair Spray, Acetone and Windex. None of these suggestions work. My wife saw me trying to take the ink spots of my hand. She said why don't you try bleach, lo and behold that worked

Thank you


digitalshooter Forum Pro • Posts: 19,604
Yep diluted bleach works well but the smell! (nt)
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Re: How do you get Dye ink off your hands?

If this is in reference to cleaning the printer or refilling carts, I just wear cheap exam gloves.

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Petruska Veteran Member • Posts: 8,055
Lava bar soap....

with Pumice.  Works like magic and no smell.

Bob P.

irvweiner Contributing Member • Posts: 705
Re: Lava bar soap....


Or any kitchen liquid soap and a few sprinkles of beach sand.

The grit is it!!!

irv weiner

Zone8 Forum Pro • Posts: 17,243
Re: How do you get Dye ink off your hands?

Bleach does the trick but to kill the smell, add a little (say if you put ½" or bleach in an old chipped mug - most people get those from time to time, so keep one for this purpose!) and add about a tablespoonfull of something like conditioner used for washing - what is added to the washing machine to get softer end clothing, etc.  Any sort of perfumed product will work - I use one (here in Spain) for adding to water when mopping the floor tiles.  Works a treat.   Like many, I just cannot work with any sort of gloves.  

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OP Andrew Curatola Senior Member • Posts: 1,620
Re: How do you get Dye ink off your hands?

Thanks all you guys. All very good suggestions.

Thanks again


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