M9 as the back-up camera

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M9 as the back-up camera

I'm not really kidding. I bought M9 as the back-up for Contax 645.

But now I want to talk about the back up camera for M9.

As much as I love my M9, it does not take movie and it does not take super tele. By super tele, I mean 300m or 400m or longer. I usually ask my wife to carry her DLUX and use its movie mode when I want it.

After a long resistance, I finally decided to get a mirror-less cropped camera. I was wondering between Nex-6 and G5. I browsed as many movie as possible from youtube, and decided to go with G5.

I ordered G5 + 14-42mm + 45-150mm + 12mm 3D/Stereo. The 3D lens is likely to be a toy, it doesn't work for movie, and it's almost too slow for serious work, as I've read. But I paid $60 for it. Can't say it's a too luxury toy.

I may use the twin kit lens for movie. But for still tele shots, I'm planning to use Leica M Elmar 135mm or Elmarit 90mm. I might step out to get a Zeiss or Leica R zoom for 35-70mm and 80-200mm if I'm tempted by zooms.

Anyone comment for your experience with the twin kit lens? any experience with Leica or Zeiss lens on G5? How do them perform? vignetting? color shifting? suffering of resolution due to the small sensor and tight pixel pitch?

What's the best setting for the coloring when using Leica M or Zeiss ZM?

Panasonic Lumix DMC-G5 Sony Alpha NEX-6
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