Pixel King...brief review and bug (Nikon version)

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Daniel Lauring
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Pixel King...brief review and bug (Nikon version)

Ordered two systems.  Phottix Odin and Pixel King.

The Odin was DOA.  Not a happy start...especially when I read some Amazon reviews where people said their receivers died after a short while.  In my case it was the transmitter.  Put in the batteries and press the on button and there is a brief flash of light from the screen and then nothing.  It goes back to Amazon for a replacement so that review will have to wait till later.

The Pixel King is pretty slick, but it is a "one trick pony."  It clones the hot shoe signal (that a flash mounted to the hot shoe would get) to your off camera flash or multiple flashes.  You can do everything you can do with a single flash on the camera, to the same flash...or groups of flashes...remotely.  You can change the flash power...but not individual flashes because it treats the group like a single flash.  ISO, focal length and aperture are all transmitted to the flash, just like they would be if it was mounted on the camera (I disabled zoom on the flash because I want to control zoom on a fixed location flash.)

If you want to adjust the ratio between the power of multiple flashes you either do it by setting one up as the master and powering the rest through Nikon's CLS system (the one that works through light pulses) or you go to each flash and adjust it's power manually.

In my testing I have found one bug so far.  If I power the system up when the SB800 is wearing it's diffuser cap the system severely under powers the SB800 when i later remove the cap.  If I have the diffuser cap off when I turn the system on, this doesn't happen.  After powering up with the diffuser cap off I can take the cap off and on and the system powers the flash correctly.

I read a few reviews where people were having inconsistent exposures with the PK's.  I wonder if this was because they turned them on with the diffusers on the flashes?

So far I have had 0 misfires, but I haven't tried the system in multiple challenging locations with all the interference that might occur.

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Re: Pixel King...brief review and bug (Nikon version)

Give the Phottix Odin's another try when you get a now setup. They are truly an excellent set of triggers. They are very versatile. Adjustment are made directly from the unit on top of your Camera. You have the ability to shot manual, ratio and iTTL independently or all together.

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