Why magnesium alloy????

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Re: Why magnesium alloy????

krikman wrote:

CraigBennett wrote:

I wonder if the same discussion occurred when cameras went from wooden bodies to metal?  I can just hear it now.....why change with want's working?  That body will rust, no resilience, etc, etc, etc.... next it will be plastic.  What's the world coming too?


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Wooden cameras much better than plastic ones.

I once made a very serviceable camera from an old coffee can...!

It was one of those catering tins of instant "coffee". In a dark room, place a sheet of photographic paper in the can, coated side facing the centre.

Opposite, make a tiny hole and cover it with black tape. Seal can with black tape.

Go outside and find what you want to photograph.

Set up tin, remove black tape, guess exposure, replace black tape.

Take can to darkroom, undo and remove photo paper, develop as normal. Assess exposure and try again if need be!

Works a treat and is great fun.

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