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Re: >>> Street Photography eXchange #41 <<<

Ed Gaillard wrote:

If you're going to crop that tight, why not crop just above the boy's head?  What are the figures in the background adding?

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I tried cropping it close as you suggested but I didnt like the effect it seemed to be crowded but thats just me.

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John aka bosjohn21

Smile Please
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Re: Stalker

Not sure about this.  The subject is intriguing, well dressed with shiny shoes and shopping but posing a bit like a homeless person so I find it thought provoking.  The image itself is a bit contrasty for me and something odd is going on in the background.  The blur doesn't look like natural boken, a bit like motion/shake blur but that doesn't go with the foreground so I guess you have put that in?

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good gesture

regardless of how you captured it, you got a good gesture and excellent color coincidences. the pattern on the cloth is pretty trippy too.

if you feel bad about the way you have to shoot, you my want to give it some more thought. sometimes it is possible to spend enough time in one area, perhaps also bring back some 4x6 prints to hand out, to overcome people's reticence. (sometimes that isn't effective.) at least one other regular poster here shoots regularly in an area hostile to street photography, but manages to make it work; i think he is comfortable with how he works, though.

i hope you'll post some more--this thread is about to be closed, so hope to see you in thread 42.

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Re: Stalker

that is one odd, bold bird. i kind of wish it played more prominently in the photo.

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please post new pictures on SPX #41.

you can post comments on photos already posted and replies to comments here until the thread closes automatically at 150 posts, but feel free to continue discussions in the new thread and link back here to what you're responding to.

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Re: Stalker

Thanks for your comments. The photo was taken with a 12mm lens and the weird bokeh may be due to it - it certainly wasn't intentional but may be more obvious because I bumped up the contrast. I found the scissors also interesting - makes you wonder what he uses them for.

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Re: fur

Everyone here has made valuable observations concerning a very strong image, Sal with her rhyme (disdain, mane), you with the disdain towards you, then fad with the japanese textiles, and last but not least, bosjohn with his very astute observation of the space they ocuupy and an interpretation of it. I think he's right, and though we are interested more to the interaction (negative) of the two, her disdain is stretching towards the spectator (or photographer, as you may see it). The poor guy is rather one of the "victims" of such attitude. Very well captured

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