Need help with AdobeRGB U2711 monitor setup - Windows 7 & Photoshop CS6

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Roland Wooster Senior Member • Posts: 2,110
Need help with AdobeRGB U2711 monitor setup - Windows 7 & Photoshop CS6

I just got a Dell U2711, 27" AdobeRGB monitor, but I'm having trouble seeing any benefit of the AdobeRGB over the sRGB color gamut. I'm sure I must have some simple configuration setting wrong.

My test is to take a D800E NEF file, 14-bit, best quality with a good range of green and blue colors (major benefit of the AdobeRGB range). Convert to 16-bit PSD file in AdobeRGB format. Copy the file, and convert the second version to sRGB. Then open both files side by side on the screen.

Assuming I have all the correct configuration settings on the monitor, windows, and photoshop shouldn't I easily be able to see a difference between the two images?

On the monitor on-screen-display I've selected the AdobeRGB setting. In photoshop I chose Edit->Color Settings->North America Prepress2  (this sets the working space to AdobeRGB). In windows control panel->Color Management I chose AdobeRGB for the profile default for the monitor.

If I click on each image the histogram is distinctly different, but the images look idential.

What setting am I missing?



Nikon D800E
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OP Roland Wooster Senior Member • Posts: 2,110
Solution found.

Just wanted to close on this thread in case anyone searches through this in the future. It seems that all I needed was a reboot, as everything is working fine now, and with the U2711 monitor in AdobeRGB mode I am seeing additional colors that weren't displayed in the sRGB version of the same images.

Settings needed:

  • Monitor in AdobeRGB mode (on screen display buttons)
  • Windows Control Panel Color Management set into AdobeRGB mode
  • Photoshop Color Setting in North American Pre-Press 2 (this sets monitor to AdobeRGB)
  • Image using AdobeRGB color space.

Interestingly it's not the exact colors I was expecting to see the biggest differences (blue/green) but rather the yellows, and leaves with a yellower hue of green, there's even some additional color displayed in pinks. With some test files I've seen some huge differences in "unnatural light blues" colors you might see in clothes, cars, perhaps even turquoise gems, but not so much in sky colors.

It's certainly interesting seeing what you never realized you were missing!


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