incase DSLR Pro Pack over Think Tank Streetwalker Hard Drive (For Me)

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incase DSLR Pro Pack over Think Tank Streetwalker Hard Drive (For Me)

I recently needed to get a bag for more space and growth, but nothing crazy.  I had a lowepro sling 100, which was great, but I just ran out of space when traveling.  I wanted a backpack that could hold my d600, 15'' mbp retina, ipad, accessories, newer tech voyager and a few drives, lenses, etc.

Through research on this forum and some on my own, I narrowed down the choices to an Incase DSLR Pro Pack and a Think Tank Streetwalker Hard Drive.  I ordered both from Amazon in order to return the one I didn't want.

After loading both with all my gear I would take to travel, I tried them on, looked at extra storage, etc.

For my needs, the Incase wins because:

  • Doesn't look like a camera bag, I like the style.  
  • I like the top flap for easy access to the camera (more so than the think tank)
  • Even if I add a few more lenses, shotgun mic, I will not need or be able to fill the space offered in the think tank. 

Think Tank Streetwalker Hard Drive Observations:

  • Thicker and more overall internal volume than incase
  • Though incase is made well, the think tank is superbly made, and the price reflects it.
  • laptop case harder to access than incase (to me).
  • Price $220 (Think Tank) vs $150 (incase)
  • Has rain cover - my slingbag has one if I were going to hike with it.

If you are a non-professional who needs a good looking bag with decent, well thought out storage that doesn't look like luggage, I highly recommend the incase be included in your search.  iphone pics below of my stuff and the bag.

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Re: incase DSLR Pro Pack over Think Tank Streetwalker Hard Drive (For Me)

The InCase is a very nice urban/travel bag with well designed quick access, like their sling bag.  The ThinkTank Streetwalker is a pro's getting-to-the shoot bag and looks it.  There is one thing, though, that the Streekwalker has that the InCase doesn't - an optional waist belt.  Load the InCase down and you won't be walking very far before your shoulders hurt.  Put a SpeedBelt on the Streetwalker and you can walk all day in comfort, and tuck it away in a corner of the bag when you don't want it flapping about.

Still, if I were wanting a quick access backpack, the InCase would be on the short list.

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Re: incase DSLR Pro Pack over Think Tank Streetwalker Hard Drive (For Me)

I've been on the same hunt as you .... I have a larger ThinkTank Airport take off which is brilliant for longer trips, specially when paired with a retrospective 50 or the urban disguise 60, but they are big, and for 'long weekends away' its hard to take 2 photo bags... my wife is not a fan of me bringing so much equipment for short trips...  last trip I took only the urban desguise 60, and packed it to the hilt... it was too heavy for carrying on one shoulder the whole day, plus other stuff, babies, etc... I came back wanting a backpack for these types of trips...

so I bought a Kata DL467... lightweight, well thought out, fits my retina 15, ipad, d600 with grip mounted with tamron 24/70, a 50mm or a 35mm (not both), one flash, a few bits and ends... very comfortable to carry and ok for a day out.. but not a weekend away.... couldn't fit my requirements for a weekend away photo kit.... properly ... if I only took a 28-300, 50 1.4 and a flash would have been fine... but ...

so I ended up getting a Streetwalker Hard Drive.... this one I can add a 70-200 2.8, bring both the 35 and 50, and add my 16-35... so perfect from a weekend to a week... sure, I would still prefer the flexibility of the airport take off + Retrospective, but the HardDrive is a pretty good compromise... and very comfortable to carry... even though the take off has built in straps, its not designed to be its primary mode of mobility/carriage....

I'm spoilt by the quality and thought put into the ThinkTank bags...

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