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Re: DPR hands on preview. JPG's poor on Ricoh

rube39 wrote:

Mousetrapper wrote:

I think (though I seldom shoot Jpeg) that Ricoh has gone for a "natural" look in the default setting which to many people might seem anemic when compared to the added "punch" in color and contrast that some of the other use more pronounced as default.

You are probably right. But jpeg shooters who opt for anything other than a simple P&S certainly know how to adjust the jpegs in camera. Shoot in vivid, add or subtract contrast, sharpness, and saturation to taste. What happens is the camera reviewers tend to shoot everything in default, which certainly does not do the Ricoh jpeg engine (or that of any other maker) justice.

Agreed, to the letter.

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Re: DPR hands on preview. GR

Tom Caldwell wrote:

Myself, pocketable or not, I don't think it a good idea  to carry a camera in a pocket or even a handbag as all sorts off stuff gets in there besides cameras.

I've been carrying GRD3 and GRD1 and GR-1 and GR-1s before it in my pants pocket fairly regularly since 1997, with no ill effects - with their leather cases, though, but the cases are tight enough that the cameras do fit in pants pocket even with the case. And for me that is really a very concrete and important reason to like the GR* cameras: they are pocketable, quite literally.

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