Which 27'' screen to buy

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Re: Which 27'' screen to buy

Try to get one with a 2560 x 1440 resolution.

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Re: Which 27'' screen to buy

Eric Carlson wrote:

Rodolfo wrote:

My 27" 1080 HD ISP display looks great. For those now labelling 1080 "low res", ask them why they're settling for low-res 1440, when they can have 2560 x 1600 -or even wait for real HD in an OLED display.

Please provide links or model information of readily available 27" monitors that have some other resolution than either 1920x1080 (low) or 2560x1440 (high), so we can include them in this conversation.

I'm in your camp Eric.... "wait" has been and will continue to be the key word.  Yes, I've seen that announcement about a 4K TV for $1500 out of China - I'm skeptical.


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Re: Which 27'' screen to buy

I am myself not an expert in color science. I have read on the Internet and have learned some basic but important information. Dell U2713h is an 8bit + FRC monitor and I tested the banding issue is gone with some test images. For me that is good enough. Whether a 6bit +AFRC is as good as an 8bit display, I don't know. On the other hand, I certainly wanted to have a wide gamut monitor with good sRGB support and U2713 is certainly one according to the reviews. So far I have mostly used it in sRGB mode. The display clearly exhibits a high quality image output which must be a result of several factors: display size, adequate resolution, color and contract performance. Good quality images really pop up and shine on this monitor to my non-expert but yet, probably careful and objective eyes. I wish I has enough money to even move up to the 30" version. Size make a difference, all other factors being equal. The only problem I have found with this monitor so far: it is too bright for my eyes and I have set it to minimum brightness which is still adequately bright.

As per weight difference: I guess the main reason is in the type of materials being used. Dell uses a lot of plastic, I imagine while the Asus must have used a lot of metal. Casing on the Dell monitor is polycarbonate. All other factors being equal, I have a preference for the metal. It gives the impression of a solid reliable monitor.

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