Slim filters are really slim?

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Slim filters are really slim?

Recently I bought a Marum Super DHG slim CPL 77mm. In the description, it says that it is slim, only 5mm thick (rear threads not counting) and in hand looks to me that is still a little far from being slim.

Any  thoughts about it?

Any other brand that claims slim filters and are really slim?


Imanol Zubiaurre

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Re: Slim filters are really slim?

CP's are usually thicker since they have two elements (one rotating) and outer threads for a lens cap. The slim versions are 5mm including the outer threads.

I believe certain Hoyas may be slimmer since they don't provide outer threads for caps..........but their quality isn't as good as Marumi or B+W.

If you are in the US there is a reputable dealer who can answer your questions by calling their 800 number.

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Re: Slim filters are really slim?

My slim 77mm Nikon CP looks about 4 or 4.5mm thick (hard to be precise), so your CP sounds about right. I know it can work on a 16mm lens, full frame at f/22 and show no vignetting.

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