For travel - 20mm or 25mm Panasonic?

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Re: For travel - 20mm or 25mm Panasonic?

Perennially, I'd take the 20mm. That is my go-to lens for "single prime lens" travel. Ignore the posts that ignored your question. Don't get confused with "other recommendations."

But, I do have a question. Do you have either or both? If you have one, take the one you have. If you're deciding which to buy, get the 20mm. If you have both, take the 20mm and leave the 25mm behind.

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Re: For travel - 20mm or 25mm Panasonic?

shihhan wrote:

Steven 2 wrote:

Which one would you take as part of travel kit, assuming you have both?  Is there any point in taking both??

Would love to hear some thoughts.  Thanks.

There is little point in taking both...

To put all of the travel-friendly primes in perspective...

- 14/2.5: small and light (though bit slow on aperture), fairly wide (not suitable for portraits.)

- 17/1.8: small and fast, good IQ, classic street photography focal length. Expensive (£400).

- 17/2.8: although compact, slow AF and IQ/aperture poor, avoid.

- 20/1.7: mixed bag, compact, fast aperture, good IQ but slow AF (+ weird focal length)

I use the 20mm on an E-PL5 and to call the focusing slow is very misleading. It focuses just fine. I have the 20mm as a mid focal length between my 12mm and my 25mm and your characterization of "(+ weird focal length)"  is completely subjective to you and presumes that you know pretty much everything about the favorite angles of  lens view and perspective  of the OP. (Perhaps you are best friends and I somehow missed how well you know each other.)

- 25/1.4: fastest aperture, classic focal length, good IQ but a bit bulky. Expensive (£450).

So realistically, the best choices (if you can afford it) would be between 17/1.8 and 25/1.4 and it is mainly up to personal preference which of the classic focal lengths (35mm or 50mm equiv.) you prefer, and whether you need that extra stop.

So now you suggest that the OP based on your absolute statement (underlining "best choices") buy a completely different lens than the OP asked about in his opening post? You go on presuming that the OP subscribes to your perceived need to pay attention to "classic focal lengths"? You really do know pretty much everything about the OP...Wow!

20/1.7 is a mixed bag, due to the slow AF. 14/2.5 is good, but a bit wide and a bit slow.

Cheeky note: although not a prime the 14-42 X is also a decent portable size if you want to carry a zoom. Aperture isn't great, zoom lever is either love or hate, and that focus lever is a crime. But at the end of the day, zooms are a lot more versatile as a trade off.

You really are quite the Guru aren't you?


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Re: For travel - 20mm or 25mm Panasonic?

If you want superb quality pics, take the 25. If you want average quality pics, take 20. Your choice.

webservants Contributing Member • Posts: 999
12-50 and 25? Any suggestions

I have the same dilemma. I will be traveling to Slovakia to visit family and also do some site seeing. I was thinking of bring the 12-50 for general use and also bring the 25 for family photos indoors and night views in the city. Another option whould be bring the 12 and 25. Any suggestions.

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Re: Two & Three Lens Travel Kits

why not just one: 14 - 150 Olympus micro 4/3 ? covers great range, can

get for 320 -400 USD

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Re: For travel - 20mm or 25mm Panasonic?

I do have both. I do not plan to only take and use one of these . I will have other lenses to use. But as a fast lens of this range these are my choices . I should perhaps mention that I also have and will likely take the 14/2.5 as a wider angle choice for maybe some night time architecture .
Why do you say to take the 20mm only? Can you explain your choice so perhaps I can understand my choices a bit better. Thank you .

Art_P Veteran Member • Posts: 9,875
Question on F2.8

Do you really find that fast enough for all situations?

I've done night shooting where the 14mm f2.5 required me to crank up the ISO more than I'd like.

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Re: For travel - 20mm or 25mm Panasonic?

Steven 2 wrote:

Which one would you take as part of travel kit, assuming you have both?  Is there any point in taking both??

Would love to hear some thoughts.  Thanks.

Is their any point in owning both?

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