Recommend a good desiccant.

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Recommend a good desiccant.

Sometimes I move from a cold air conditioned environment to a warm humid outdoor one. After a while there can be fog buildup inside the lens.

Is there a good brand/type of desiccant which you guys can recommend?

I plan to put a whole bunch in a pelican case and place the lens in it to let the moisture dissipate out.

bravozulu Contributing Member • Posts: 897
Re: Recommend a good desiccant.

Here's what I do. I go to the pharmacy and ask them to save the desiccant cannisters that come in their larger jars of drugs. They transfer the drugs to smaller bottles as they dispense prescriptions and then throw away the silica gel. After a week, they've saved enough of them to fill coffee can for me.

I prefer the solid cannisters with silica over the little bags. I don't want to introduce dust into my camera bag.

I'm a woodworker and thus have several hundred high grade steel cutting tools. So I pop silica capsules into every drawer of every toolbox. Then, every few months, I gather them up, toast them in a 150° oven for an hour to expel moisture and recharge the silica. The plastic on the capsules will melt, so keep the temperature low enough to avoid that, but high enough to drive out the moisture.

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Re: Recommend a good desiccant.
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Re: Recommend a good desiccant.
Hank3152 Forum Pro • Posts: 13,499
Pelican reusable.........

Living in the midwestern US the summers can get fairly humid. I store my gear in a padded shoulder bag with a desiccant container made by Pelican that's reusable and is about the size of a deck of cards.......

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Sailor Blue
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Re: Recommend a good desiccant.

Living in hot and humid Thailand I keep all my photo gear possible in a Pelican case with four of these desiccant packs.  10-15 minutes in a microwave oven at a very low power is enough to dry them out for resuse.

Click to view larger image 2 pack Blue Indicating Silica Gel Desiccant Moisture For Absorb Box Reusable

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