Aperture not Publishing to Flickr

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Aperture not Publishing to Flickr

I used to not have any issue uploading photos to Flickr. I have since upgraded to Mountain Lion (I was previously using Snow Leopard). I was able to upload one set of 709 photos. The photos were in Flickr but Aperture was still Publishing. After 24 hours, I forced Aperture to quit.

I then tried to upload an additional set of 370 photos. I started the upload the evening before and checked the next morning and none of the photos were uploaded. I let it continue while I was at work. Still no luck. I ended up forcing a quit. I then tried again with no luck.

The next time I started Aperture, it said it had to rebuild the library. It took a couple hours to rebuild but I was able to use Aperture normally afterwards. Once again I tried to upload photos to Aperture and 24 hours later none of them uploaded. Aperture indicates that it is Publishing.

Does anyone have a suggestion?

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Re: Aperture not Publishing to Flickr

Too many photos. Upload in smaller chunks.

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Re: Aperture not Publishing to Flickr

One of the searches I did on another site said that Mountain Lion is too aggressive in it's energy saving mode. I went into System Preferences, then Energy Saver. My computer sleep and display sleep were both set at 12 minutes. I temporarily changed Computer sleep to 2 hours. When I came back, all the photos were uploaded and Aperture no longer said Publishing.

If I find the link, I will post it.



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