D800 100% pixel view in LV with firmware update!

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rubank Senior Member • Posts: 1,102
Re: Live view clarity improved in AF-S and MF only. No improvement with AF-C

Horshack wrote:

p m h wrote:

Horshack wrote:

It was the first thing I checked after upgrading and I didn't notice any difference.

Just found out something interesting. While it does not look improved when focusing in LV in AF-C mode, it does improve remarkably if you switch to AF-S or MF. Try it out, its awesome.

I always use AF-S or MF. I just tried AF-F and it's definitely worse than AF-S/MF but AF-S/MF w/1.01 is no different than AF-S/MF w/1.00 on my body.

The heavily pixelated view in AF-F is nothing new, always like that.

I agree that LV interpolation hasn´t changed, but a I also agree with Daniel Lauring that CDAF is quicker.

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AF-F and AF-S difference also existed in the previous FW

just Tony wrote:

The LV screen image quality looks exactly the same before and after the upgrade IF the camera is set to AF-F focusing mode. Maybe that explains the several reports of "no change".

Things are tremendously better (than AF-F) when you switch the camera to AF-S mode. I didn't think to check that before/after the firmware upgrade [ ... ]

I haven't upgraded yet (even though I plan to do soon), but I just tested the AF-S vs. AF-F LV on the older FW.

It shows a similar difference; AF-F looks significantly worse than AF-S mode.

Obviously I cannot determine if the new FW improves it further on my camera; just wanted to confirm that the difference between AF-F and AF-S was also present in the previous FW.

- Per.

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