First Time NEX Camera Question

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rjacmuto32 New Member • Posts: 10
First Time NEX Camera Question

I'm finally going to upgrade from my P&S camera and have read a lot of good about the NEX and I like sony products. I currently have the TX-10 and love it for beach, pools and snokeling since it's waterproof. I travel and want better image quality in my pics. I've looked at the 6, 5r and latest 3 and i'm torn on which one to get for a first time upgrade to my P&S. I'm not going to go into all the specs as most people know those. Anyone have a recomendations for me? I take good care of my equipment and usually keep items for 3-5 years when I purchase them. So looking long term here is what i'm stuck at?  Cost isn't a huge factor for me but I will keep that in mind.

6 - I love the pop-up flash. Once less thing for me to carry. The viewfinder comes in handy here in sunny florida. I take some nature landscapes photos with some glares on the screen How is the new power zoon lens compared to the manual 18-55? I have touchscreen menu now on my camera and this is all dial and buttons. I like the settings dial. I do chance settings on my tx-10 now and go thru all the touchscreen menu to find stuff. Having some buttons will be nice.

5r - little cheaper cost. My Tx10 has a touchscreen now, I read some input the touchscreen menu on this are slow.

3 - cheapest of them all. Slower shots per second which I do use several action shots and I think the other 2 would be better there.

I'm kind of leaning towards getting the 6. Is that a good decision for a camera that I will use for several years?

Also do you think sony might release a updated 6 by July? Should I go for a camera now or wait a few more months and see what sony releases?


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El Matadurr
El Matadurr Veteran Member • Posts: 5,018
Re: First Time NEX Camera Question

rjacmuto32 wrote:

I'm kind of leaning towards getting the 6. Is that a good decision for a camera that I will use for several years?

Yes. It's a great camera that is usually only knocked for its menu system. Us Nexonians bypass the menu by assigning all our shooting settings to a button. The 16-50pz is a kit lens, but is good and compact. Don't expect razor-sharp results, but it'll get the job done. You'll also get used to not having a touchscreen, probably.

Also do you think sony might release a updated 6 by July? Should I go for a camera now or wait a few more months and see what sony releases?

No, the next thing in the pipeline is an update to the NEX-7. Not even vague rumors on a NEX-6 replacement. You should be good for a long time.

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nrcole Regular Member • Posts: 411
Re: First Time NEX Camera Question

There's always something new on the horizon, and there's always chances to take pictures flying by you right now. Sony *might* release an updated 6 at the end of the summer, with the new 20mp sensor of the A58. Or they might let it rest and hold on to it until next year. The 16mp sensor is a classic that takes awesome pictures today, and I suspect you'll wait anywhere from 5-8 months for an update.

The 6 is probably your best bet if you want pop-up flash and a viewfinder, as neither of the other two can offer that. If you were trying to pick up the best deal I might say get the 5R or even the three, but if you want to invest in something and keep it for several years, get the 6.

People will always be talking about how this or that sensor or other technology is aging or behind or whatever, but most sensors these days are pretty great. A great lens will do more for your photography and one or even two generations of sensor development will. Buy the 6, start learning, and save your money for when you're ready to branch in to new lenses.

Digital Nigel Veteran Member • Posts: 6,732
Re: First Time NEX Camera Question

I have a NEX-7 and find that I hardly ever use the pop-up flash, for two reasons:

1. I don't like using flash if there's any other option, and with the NEX there often is, as you can go up to ISO6400 with the multi-frame modes like Anti-Motion Blur. It was the same with the NEX-5 which I also have.

2. The built-in flash doesn't pop up very far, so it's useless with some lenses like the 18-200 which get in the way. You can tilt it up manually, but it's then very weak. Instead, I use an external Sony flash, but only very occasionally.

I also purchased a Sony RX100, which I use when portability is more important. It's not as good as the NEX-7, but probably produces better images than the cheaper NEXes at up to, say, ISO800. For example, the Zeiss 28-100 equiv lens is f/1.8 at the wide end, rather than the f/3.5 with the NEX kit zooms. Like the NEX-7, it has an electronic spirit level, which I find invaluable when holding the camera away from me. My NEX-5 doesn't have this, but I don't know about the modern low-end NEXes.

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Riquez Contributing Member • Posts: 923
Re: First Time NEX Camera Question

NEX is certainly the best choice if you specifically want a small size interchangeable lens camera.

Coming from a PaS camera you will probably find the "no zoom" (or only minor zoom) the greatest difference, as I did coming from Canon G7 which had a decent optical & digital zoom - But there are plenty of benefits which far outweigh that.

The NEX-7N is going to be announced very soon - perhaps tomorrow - check out for the rumours on that - I would be tempted to wait just a little bit to see if that is announced, it is supposed to have touch screen.

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Re: First Time NEX Camera Question

Go for the 6 Its an excellent camera available at competitive prices. Or wait and pay a premium for the new 7N

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saintz Contributing Member • Posts: 551
Re: First Time NEX Camera Question

Don't sweat the flash too much. Between the OSS and high ISO, you can shoot in very dark rooms without flash. I would pick based on price and other features that matter to you.

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