42nd Street: D600 price $200 less?

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Re: Still too many horror stories w/ dust/oil...

Indio888 wrote:

I'm beginning to wonder of this D600 mess wasn't just a ploy to get us to upgrade to the D800.

Do I want to head to Greece in Sept knowing that I might come back with a batch of botched files that I may have to spend hours/weeks cloning dust spots from?

Yes, many are clean, but I also read a post here from a guy who's 600 is still throwing dust after 13,000 shots. Some stop doing it after 1-2-3-4 thousand shots. Some start doing it after the same.

What kind of headaches might I end up dealing with? Are they making these bodies in the back of some Bangkok girly bar, or what?

A have a very early D600 that is prone to spotting...in fact Nikon cleaned it once and is replacing the shutter this week. I've received great service and I fully expect that will fix the issue.

That said, I really like the camera and have yet to have an image ruined by spotting.  I would buy another...

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