Picasa Export Question

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Picasa Export Question

I use Picasa to modify my JPEGs.  I now have 10,000 or more pics adjusted in Picasa in about 200 Picasa albums.  I have put tags on them and now want to export them to a single export directory in order to separate them into relevant tagged categories.  Is there an en-mass export so I don't need to repeat the export for each directory?  My goal is to categorize, sort and distribute according to the exported categories.

I would prefer to first separate them by tag directly and then export them but don't know how to conveniently do this.  I would have about 25 tag categories.

Thanks for your help.

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OP Humphrey Nash Senior Member • Posts: 1,178
Re: Picasa Export Question ... bump

Any Picasa users have an answer?

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Re: Picasa Export Question

I am a long term Picasa user.  I have avoided any complication whatsoever by USB downloading direct from camera, editing, (deleting a lot) and putting into dated folders, eg. (2013-UPGRADES  AROUND HOME).  I now have 11,320 files all in accessible order.

I have only used the 'export' icon for groups of photos to be sent off somewhere.  Can't help much with your problem as it makes my head hurt just thinking about it.

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Don V. Armitage

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