Long Panos on Epson 3880

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Re: Long Panos on Epson 3880

TeleView wrote:

I am wondering if printing from for instance Quark Xpress would do the job? It can setup whatever paper size you want ... however I think that is would print lots of pages, and you have to stick them together ... so perhaps a RIP would be required afterall. But I think it would ignore the file size restriction imposed by photoshop's pixel limits.

No, it is a limtation of the driver.

Only a thought from an ignorant amateur considering buying a 3880 ... and I recall years ago using a Canon 1290, making a large poster from I think 16 A3 sheets ... I could not tell where the sheets joined, so the poster (using cheapish matt paper) looked like it was a super high quality job from a super quality wide format printer.

The 3880 wil certainly do A4, A3, and A2, but no more.

Brian A

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Re: Long Panos on Epson 3880

Without an RIP, for the 3880, is 37.4" the max paper length, or max print area?

If the latter, do you feed paper a bit longer than 37.4", or does it bleed to the edges?

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Re: Long Panos on Epson 3880

Hugowolf wrote:

The 3880 wil certainly do A4, A3, and A2, but no more.

Brian A

Printing posters that way does not mean sticking the pieces together before printing, but gluing together calibrated crops after printing, still sticking together 2 or 4 A2 sheets (even slightly cropped) is already quite a nicely sized poster

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