Expired ink for Epson 3800

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Expired ink for Epson 3800

How long after the "use by" date are cartridges good for? If you could purchase a full set of inks that expired in 2008 and 2009, would you risk it? It seems like something that should be ok, but 3800 inks aren't cheap, even if discounted, so I thought I'd get some opinions.


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Howard Moftich Veteran Member • Posts: 8,632
Re: Expired ink for Epson 3800

this is one of the most popular questions asked.  You wont have a problem w/ inks 18-24 months out of date.  But you will want to gently agitate the carts.  You can do a search for prior questions and responses to this exact question.

JJ Winkel Senior Member • Posts: 1,387
Re: Expired ink for Epson 3800

I baught a few carts that expired 08/2009, still printing nicely ...

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Re: Expired ink for Epson 3800

This seems to be a big advantage to using Epson inks.   The ink in Epson carts is enclosed in airtight bags so the ink isn't exposed to air.  Not only do the carts last well beyond the expiration date, they last forever (almost) once in the printer.  I still have a couple of carts that have been in my 3880 for over 3 years, still working perfectly.


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