NEX-7 Versus G5 still photo focusing speed.

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NEX-7 Versus G5 still photo focusing speed.

Has anyone out there had both the Sony and the Lumix or at least had an opportunity to use both? I love the Sony but since I only look at my photos on the computer or print them at a maximum size of 8" x 10", I am willing to give up a very small amount of IQ For a significant increase in still photo focus speed.

Can anyone Shadowlight on the difference between the two?

Panasonic Lumix DMC-G5 Sony Alpha NEX-7
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Re: NEX-7 Versus G5 still photo focusing speed.

The G5 is likely to be faster.

With that said, absolute focusing speed doesn't matter as much as people make it out to be because it only makes for a small portion of the whole picture taking process.

Remember that before an image is fully read by the sensor, the following happens:

1. You wake up or turn on the camera (optional)

2. You hold the camera to your face/eye.

3. You compose the shot.

4. You press the shutter button.

5. The camera auto-focuses.

6. The shutter screens move.

The steps from 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6 will take the most of the time needed for a shot. A focusing speed that's twice as fast doesn't mean you will get a shot twice as fast (from the moment you see something you want to photograph).

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Re: NEX-7 Versus G5 still photo focusing speed.

Some low-light shots can be exceedingly slow with NEX cameras, even with PDAF. So it can make a difference. M43 cameras have an easier time of it doing faster AF, particularly the Panasonics. My GF2 is very, very fast.

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Re: NEX-7 Versus G5 still photo focusing speed.

The Nex7 is more than a year old and does not have the Nex latest focus system.   The Nex5R/6 are Sonys latest offerings with Hybrid focus. The focus tracking with PDAF looks good even if it misses maybe 25% of the time but catches up on the next shot usually.  PDAF is not as good in low light but the CDAF takes over, just not with focus tracking. The G5 can not do focus tracking but has a good CDAF system.  Regardless DP Review has in Depth reviews that will answer your question.

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Re: NEX-7 Versus G5 still photo focusing speed.

G5 is clearly faster than all Nex body. With me, only Nex-6 is a reasonable choice for MF and standard flash shoe

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Re: NEX-7 Versus G5 still photo focusing speed.

I own a NEX-7 and have owned a G3 and used a G5.

My impression is that the Panasonics focus faster, but there's not much in it. It makes very little difference to me, but YMMV.

The thing I most like about the G5 focusing is not the speed, but the fact that you can use the EVF and touch screen at the same time. I use the flexible focus spot almost exclusively on the NEX, and the ability to move it around with the camera to your eye is great. The drawback with this is that some parts of the frame are awkward to reach. The rangefinder style of the NEX bodies ought to fix that, so I hope Sony steals the idea and implements it in future NEX bodies.

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