[Recommended/Cheap] External LCD Monitor, please ????? (GH3)

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Elmasito New Member • Posts: 4
[Recommended/Cheap] External LCD Monitor, please ????? (GH3)


I have no idea at all about LCD Monitors, but I need one. I'm a student and I'm looking for something "good" but cheap.

Any model or brand I should check out on Amazon?

Should I look into eBay and have something cheap sent from China?

Thank you

And greetings from Sicilia

Crimguy Contributing Member • Posts: 506
Re: [Recommended/Cheap] External LCD Monitor, please ????? (GH3)

How big and what is your budget?

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OP Elmasito New Member • Posts: 4
Re: [Recommended/Cheap] External LCD Monitor, please ????? (GH3)

Thanks for asnwering Crimguy!

My budget is "as lowest as possible" - 350 $ Dollars maybe? (300 € Euro)

Are there really diferences between screens? I mean "it's just a screen", right?

Or are the higher expensive ones just because the screen is "Retina/OLED" and all that stuff?

I really just need "something okay". I guess, "the cheapest most bought by users".

Thank you!! 

Atwater Forum Member • Posts: 83
Re: [Recommended/Cheap] External LCD Monitor, please ????? (GH3)

Another user of this forum suggested an IPS monitor as best for viewing photos and provided this site as a reference:


hope it's helpful

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OP Elmasito New Member • Posts: 4
Re: [Recommended/Cheap] External LCD Monitor, please ????? (GH3)

Thanks but I think I didn't explain myself (sorry for my bad english)

I need one of those "mini LCD screens attached with a hotshoe to the camera in order to see what I'm recording on an external monitor"

Like one of those "Liliputs" screens I've seen on Amazon.

Bluephotons Veteran Member • Posts: 6,480
Re: [Recommended/Cheap] External LCD Monitor, please ????? (GH3)

I'm not sure you'll get a promt and helpful answer here or in the dedicated video forum for that matter, I've seen only a handful of posters shooting video at that level here, you'll be better off trying in a forum like this or similar IMHO:


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OP Elmasito New Member • Posts: 4
Re: [Recommended/Cheap] External LCD Monitor, please ????? (GH3)

Thank you for the link. See ya and good luck in your life. Don't die young, but also don't die old if you are suffering.

RickPick Senior Member • Posts: 1,274
Re: [Recommended/Cheap] External LCD Monitor, please ????? (GH3)

The "Lilliput" screens are good for a cheap monitor. I have not found any comparable screens at as low a price. I have just received a 7 inch model called the "Lilliput 5D-ii/O/P - 7" HDMI field monitor". The O/P is important as it indicates the monitor has focus peaking, false colour etc, which you may want for video work. Hence, you should not buy from Amazon which doesn't seem to carry these models. I bought mine from Liiliput Direct,which carries the whole range and covers all of Europe.

These monitors are not full HD resolution, having a native res of 1024×600. However, the one I bought has 1:1 pixel mapping, which means you can crop in to the pixel level for critical focus.

The monitor is well made and comes with a DC adapter, sun shade, an HDMI cable which will fit your camera and a robust looking hot shoe mount. I would not mount the monitor on a GH3 however as it would be unbalanced and quite possibly strain the hotshoe, which is reported to have failed several users. You will also need some kind of clamp or arm to mount the monitor on a tripod. (Lilliput sell a 7 and an 11 inch model.)

Two battery plates are included which fit Sony batteries F970 and LP-E6. Two other plates are available separately. I bought the "Mini External Battery" pack which unfortunately doesn't come with any means of fixing to the monitor as I had assumed! I will try velcro strips or I suppose buy a supported video camera battery.

Functions such as peaking and 1:1 pixel mapping have dedicated function buttons. Colour is adjustable. All in all I am quite pleased with this for the price. I have no doubt a Sony 7 inch is better but at almost 10 x the price it ought to be!


<edit> Just noticed that the Lilliput monitor arms do not have a tripod clamp but also fit the camera hotshoe. Going to look for a suitable clamp.

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