DigitalRev take down GoPro review, copyright

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DigitalRev take down GoPro review, copyright

Popular YouTube  camera review channel and online retailer (similar to this site in a way) DigitalRev

Have received a DMCA take down notice from GoPro, for one of there reviews

Cy Cheze Senior Member • Posts: 2,028
Re: DigitalRev take down GoPro review, copyright

The offending site probably used a GoPro graphic or web content without autorization.  Copyright law would not prohibit DigitalRev from showing pictures or video it shot with the camera, nor from publishing a review.

In truth, many sites don't review products at all, but merely re-present the spec sheets issued by the manufacturers and add a few unoriginal or flagrantly borrowed comments.

It would be curious to see if any serious side-by-side reviews of POV cameras exist at all.  Such tests would be difficult to concoct, since they could involve stunts that either costly or dangerous.  If you get a daredevil to BASE jump with one camera, who perishes or turns chicken, you might have to recruit another to perform the same jump with a competing camera.  Viewers will complain that the test was unfair because both test should involve the same location, risk of mortality, and G-force at impact on the rocks or reef.

Paul Farace
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Re: DigitalRev take down GoPro review, copyright

Or just wait a year or two until all the nuts kill themselves jumping off cliffs, bungee jumping from helicopters, etc.

can't say I've seen too many "real" folks do much with this type of gear...

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Holding a camera, any camera, reduces my blood pressure, calms my nerves, and gives me a sense of opportunity!

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Re: DigitalRev take down GoPro review, copyright

It´s a niche market I guess. On my area of work, everybody has a GoPRO. I have 2 of them and will probably buy the new Hero3 soon. They´re tough, I will tel you that!

expressivecanvas Contributing Member • Posts: 872
Re: DigitalRev take down GoPro review, copyright

I was actually considering a GoPro...  wait..   can I say that?  : )

One thing is certain after reading the linked webpage...   I will never give any of my money to these clowns.  Sounds to me like they didn't care for the review and are now grasping at straws to find a way to have the review hidden forever.

I will now never buy a GoPro and, worse yet (for them), I will tell this story to everyone I know looking for a camera/camcorder.

What a piece of work this company is...


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Bobby Handal
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Re: DigitalRev take down GoPro review, copyright

The GoPro system is awesome. The quality of video coming out such a small camera is amazing. The ability to abuse the camera and use it whenever and whatever place you want is incredible. You have a wonderful underwater video camera and it shoots quite decent stills.

For vacations where you want to show yourself in the picture is great. To have a backup camera that if you happen to go swimming or diving, whatever situation its great.

I love mine.

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Anepo Regular Member • Posts: 154
Re: DigitalRev take down GoPro review, copyright

they put a few on a fast supercar and drove like nutters.

atlien991 New Member • Posts: 19
Re: DigitalRev take down GoPro review, copyright

The GoPro system is good but if you support fascism because you like a tiny camera, you can't complain about anything later.

They are dead to me forever.

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