Zoom H1 Windscreen

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Zoom H1 Windscreen

There are a lot of options out there. Which one should I get?

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Re: Zoom H1 Windscreen

I know this is old, but I'm curious which you got.  I've been looking around for one myself.  Obviously there are a lot of DIY windscreens out there, but I wonder if the material used is acoustically transparent.  I was thinking of going with a furryhead (http://furryheadwindscreens.com/) but a few reviews I read said that they "shed" and that they muffle the high frequencies as well as the wind.  This is not the way it should be.  I finally went with the k-tek windscreen (http://www.ktekbooms.com/toppers/) as I was reading a post from a person who works there and he was arguing back and forth with someone who was purely a Rycote fan, and he said that the material used on the k-tek was acoustically transparent and that the material used was a BIG deal.  Anyway, I can't find that forum post or I'd paste it here.  I thought it was interesting.  Anyway, it was between the Rycote and the K-tek for me and the K-tek was only $26 plus free shipping at B&H.  The Rycote was almost $50.  The furryhead (the original windscreen I almost bought) was $15 with a few bucks added on for shipping.

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