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Re: I want a floating camera!

CAcreeks wrote:

Does anybody agree that they would like their waterproof camera to float? As far as I know, only one camera ever did this, the Pentax WR that replaced the WR90 (forgot the model number).

A floating camera would have to be significantly larger.  Olympus already sells foam-padded floating camera bags and straps: Camera float.  If you don't like their shape, all it takes is some foam, a carving knife, and duct tape to make your own.

The vendors don't really want this because dropping your camera into deep water will motivate you to buy a new one, and after all, replacement sales are all they have left nowadays.

There's no way the manufacturer could protect the camera from all possible risks.  Even if it floated, if you let it get away from you on a whitewater river (or down the side of a mountain), chances are, you won't see it again.  Same goes for dropping it into a campfire or getting it stolen.

BorisK1 wrote:

Is the E-M5 really WATERPROOF? I thought it was just rated "environmentally sealed. I would expect it to keep out dust and light rain but I would not expect to take on the kayak where it could get dunked underwater.

It's waterproof enough that you won't have to towel off your hands before taking it out of its Pelican box.

Big deal. That is true of all my Fuji F series cameras.

It was my clever way of telling Robert that an unprotected E-M5 wasn't going to survive a whitewater run.  He's looking for a way to use a higher-IQ camera from his boat, and I've been harassing him with suggestions and hair-brained schemes about it across several threads.

In the film days, I did carry a hand towel in a small Pelican case that also held my Olympus 4T, three lenses, and two spare rolls of film.

As is sometimes pointed out, there are no industry standards for "environmentally sealed" so while it is not exactly meaningless, it is not something you can depend upon.

Not exactly relevant to the subject of shooting out of a whitewater boat.

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Re: I want a floating camera!

As a kayaker, I want my camera to float. For those who use them mainly underwater this would be a problem.

Ken G.
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A few more Nikon AW110 shots in the Nikon Coolpix Forum

For those looking at the waterproof cam options, I added a few new shots from the AW110 over in the Nikon Coolpix Forum, including zoomed images and 400 & 800 ISO shots.

Nikon AW110 test shots

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Re: I want a floating camera!

Robert Anderson wrote:

As a kayaker, I want my camera to float. For those who use them mainly underwater this would be a problem.

Good point. I didn't think of that.

The Olympus float straps (did not see anything else practical) would be an entrapment hazard for whitewater kayaking.

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