PLease Help - Need Canvas 9.0.4 alternative

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Re: PLease Help - Need Canvas 9.0.4 alternative

If you can wait -- I received an announcement today (June 4, 2013) that there will be a Mac OS X release (Beta) in spring, 2014. From the ACD email:

What's New:

  • New development team to support the release of Canvas for Mac OS X (Beta available in spring 2014)

"We have a lot to be excited about here. We know there are a lot of loyal Canvas Mac users out there, and we're looking forward to being part of their workflow again." GM Dallas Vandekerkhove

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Re: PLease Help - Need Canvas 9.0.4 alternative

Looking everywhere for help!

been using Canvas 9 and X on an old G5 running 0S 10.5 for years. It crashed and I installed OS 10.4 on one drive and OS 10.5 on another drive. The machine runs fine. I have tried to reinstall both Canvas 9 and Canvas X with the same result. On booting the program it loads up to TWAIN and then crashes.

Help needed. They ran on OS 10.4 and OS 10.5 before.

All the assignments/worksheets/exams for my classes are Canvas files and I need them before the semester starts. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: PLease Help - Need Canvas 9.0.4 alternative

It's not pretty, but the only way I've found to reliably save my old Canvas files is to print each one to PDF. Just boot Canvas on your PPC machine and print using from the print dialog (select a PDF option from the lower-left of the Print dialog).

So far I haven't found any applications that open native Canvas files, and trying Copy/Paste is totally cumbersome: either you select everything in your Canvas doc, Copy and then Paste into a different application (result: everything ends up being a single non-editable graphic element) or you select each object, Copy and then Paste into your new application, in which case each object retains its individuality, but remains non-editable other than resizing.


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