Little Body...BIG camera!

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Little Body...BIG camera!

The camera is easy to use. It is very well specified, included is live view, optical DoF preview, shadow control technology and “SSWF” sensor cleaning. The “super rear viewing” display allows easy access to most camera settings. Some controls are buried in the over complex menu such as the image size and quality control settings which can involve visiting up to three “program control” points!

During my initial use of the E-420, at very high quality settings, some images did show “ghosting”. In general, images with “more confusion” such has trees are much less sharp than would be expected. The images produced were no better than from my Oly C-4000 zoom, a FOUR mega pixel camera and much worse than my Pentax *ist DL2, a SIX mega pixel dSLR.

Moving on about six months, I made the decision to use the E-420 as a point and shoot camera and to keep my DL2 for serious photography. To this end, I decided to change the camera image setting to produce smaller files. THEN it happened; IMAGE QUALITY IMPROVED!!!!!! For other users of the E-420 my camera produces its best quality photographs when set to “Large Normal”, jpegs and 200 iso. Hard to believe……why did DPreview not discover this? Recently, I have compared this camera to a 2012 Pentax K-30 set at 12 mp and *** jpegs. Both cameras produced 2 mp images and on balance in bright light set at 200 iso this Oly matches the K-30!

I like small cameras. I have an Olympus FL-20 flash which also being small, compliments the E-420. Flash exposures with the FL-20 are excellent. Unfortunately this camera’s miniaturisation has produced a small view finder, which makes manual focusing difficult. I have had no other issues to mention and the camera seems well built. There is an amazing amount of technology built into the E-420.

Overall the E-420 is a pocket rocket of a camera and should not be under estimated.



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