Wonderful Camera (just maybe energy "gourmand")

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Oussouye New Member • Posts: 21
Wonderful Camera (just maybe energy "gourmand")

I use now this Camera since 6 months.

It's an amazing and powerful camera (sometimes too much powerfull, see my problems comment).
I will not talk about the sensitive touch screen, the 1rst one in DSLR camera, funny and usefull, everyone had talk about it. A great feature.

Else this camera is similar of the 600D (rebel T3I) and so is near of the 550D (T2i) , same sensor ( the 7D has the same too) , photos and videos has the same quality. The difference is when operating in live view mode ( thanks the Digic 5 processor?).
Then it is still a 18Mb sensor, but really why you could need more? I often prefer to use my 350D; with a 8mb sensor I can work faster on any photo (loading, raw managment etc). If you're not a professionnal who will need to print the photo on a building facade size why to have more than a 8-12mb? and if you're a spy then go to 10x more expansive cameras.

So if the photo and video definition is the same than the 7D, 550d, 600D, the use of the camera is much more improved and awesome.

Another improvment from the 550D/600D is the video selector! it is now with the power on/off selector, that means you can use easier creative modes like Manual mode ( checking speed and operture) much easier when working on video.

So a wonderful Photo and a great video tool! And if ever you hesitate between a 60D and this 650D... then go to the 650D.

For whom who already has a 550D/600D the battery and (optional) battery grip are the same for the 650D, so if ever you want to buy the 650D, you will not loose your 550D/600D accessories.


Needs too much power! an energy lost camera.

Not realy a problem but I dislike the Menu and Info button on the back upper left part while all the other controls are on the right .

In Video Hi Iso mode maybe too much nose for a DIgic V processor!?

Canon EOS Rebel T4i (EOS 650D / EOS Kiss X6i)
18 megapixels • 3 screen • APS-C sensor
Announced: Jun 8, 2012
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