Going Full Frame

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BarcaFan Forum Member • Posts: 68
Going Full Frame

Hi everyone,

I have been thinking of going full frame for some time now.  My main interest is landscape and not much else.  I have been trying to decide on what would be the best way to get into it.  I can't decide between the 6D and 5D3.  If i go the 6D i can use the savings towards better glass.  If i go 5D3 then it's a nicer body but does it have any advantages over the 6D for landscape photography?  Also, if i went with a 5D3 i may not get as high end glass (at least to start with).

What would you guys recommend in a situation like this.  Thanks ion advance for your input.

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billythek Veteran Member • Posts: 5,260
Re: Going Full Frame

If your ONLY interest is landscape, then the 6D would probably be the  better choice.  You wouldn't need the AF of the 5D3.  Just be sure that you never intend to shoot moving subjects.  You can do that with the 6D, but not as well as you could with the 5D3.

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- Bill

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Terribilino Contributing Member • Posts: 607
Re: Going Full Frame

Don't forget that the 6D has built in wifi, which lets you, among other things, set up and shoot while using an iphone (or ipad, or ipod) as a monitor.  (There's an android version too, I think.)  Don't know anything about it, and I don't shoot landscapes much, but many who do seemed excited about that particular function.

Then there's the integrated GPS of the 6D.  I'm not excited about that at all, but, again, many are.

Love my 6D so far, otherwise.  It's the right price, and the bundled 24-105 L is ridiculously cheap.

Have fun, whatever you choose.  Full frame is sweeeeeet.

ASR45 Forum Pro • Posts: 36,498
Re: Going Full Frame

For the price, the 6D is excellent plus you have the money to invest in good glass like me.  

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SwedishGoose Regular Member • Posts: 272
Re: Going Full Frame

For landscape 6D with kit 24-105 f4 and 16-35 f2.8 would be great.

leroyvanhee Senior Member • Posts: 1,828
Re: Going Full Frame

I've only had my 6D for a couple days and I didn't think I'd use the GPS much but it's useful in telling someone where you were standing when you took this shot of the Olympic Mts:

Using the software provided by Canon, you can say Edmonds WA and here's a map:

digitalrock Contributing Member • Posts: 520
Re: Going Full Frame

I'm going 5D mkIII.  After wasting a lot of money on APS-C and EF-S lenses, I'm not skimping again.

Dumping all my EF-S (have almost all of them), and getting 5D mkIII.

Atoche Contributing Member • Posts: 669
Re: Going Full Frame

These features have not much to do with landscape - but the wheel, joystick and AF system would push me to the 5DMIII.  As a matter of fact I am seriously considering selling my 5DC and 7d to fund the 5dmIII.

i am not sure of the tech differences - but the 6D didn't feel as good I handling as the 5d to my hands....

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Keith Z Leonard Veteran Member • Posts: 5,909
Re: Going Full Frame

Purely for landscape the advantage would be what??? 2mp?  Doesn't seem like much, other than that I think the 6D would be fine here.  It's really a matter of features for anything else you might want to shoot.  For most purposes it's probably great.

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mjack101 Regular Member • Posts: 108
Re: Going Full Frame

I have the 5diii and love it but use it mostly for sport. For landscape I don't think there are any advantages over the 6d so I would get that and spend the difference on better glass. Also the wifi and gps should be nice to have as well.

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