Intel or AMD

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Intel or AMD


I have decided to build a PC that will only be used to produce images. I intend to run Lightroom and Silver FX Pro as my work is now almost always in monochrome.

I will be installing the OS ( sticking with win7 for the time being) and the two program's above on an SSD drive with the  completed images stored on a normal SATA hard drive.

my question is should I go down the intel route ...more expensive .... Or would i not notice a lot of difference if i went the AMD  route. If intel I will be looking at an I5 level processer.

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Best regards Chris

Osvaldo Cristo
Osvaldo Cristo Veteran Member • Posts: 4,284
No difference

In the day practice it will make no relevant difference for your application.

I am not following the latest technological advances on processor area but historically you had times when Intel had a clear edge on AMD and vice-versa. Apparently we are in the time where Intel has the advantage but if you consider the overall system, other variables as GPU, memory, SSD/HD, and your software will put everything at almost same level if you compare present availabilities.

I went to Intel for my new workstation last year just for the tradition.


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Re: Intel or AMD

I you have some in mind that are in your price range you can compare their performance here:

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gipper51 Veteran Member • Posts: 4,595
Re: Intel or AMD

Right now Intel has a clear-cut lead on the high end processors (i7). AMD is really only competitive on the entry to mid level range. AMD's counterpart to the i5 is the 8 core FX-8350, which is faster in certain multi-threaded benchmarks but slower in most others. In general the i5 is slightly faster in most typical uses for a PC, including photoshop benchmarks. The i5 also draws less power and overclocks extremely well (the K version) if that interests you.

Either one will be sufficient for heavy photo editing when paired with plenty of RAM and a decent SSD.

I'd look at the benchmarks from this review and see which one suits your needs better:

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Scott Eaton Senior Member • Posts: 2,217
same here

>>AMD is really only competitive on the entry to mid level range.

Yeah, I pretty much agree with that. Right now AMD is only keeping in the game by throwing a lot of cores at Intel's better per core efficiency.

For DIY set a price point and see what gives a better bang per buck.

Bouldergramp Regular Member • Posts: 413
Re: Intel or AMD

What operating system do you plan to install on this home-build computer?

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OP chris49 Forum Member • Posts: 50
Re: Intel or AMD

Thanks for comments.....OS will be win 7

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Best regards

nikkorwatcher Contributing Member • Posts: 684
Re: Intel or AMD

Intel usually has better or faster take-up of its enhanced instruction sets which benefit very repetitive bulk processor operations such as the ones useful in media and image processing. You'd have to google it.

Intel is more power efficient for the same workload at the moment.

Rodolfo Contributing Member • Posts: 665
Re: Intel or AMD

I'd ask which chip in each category. The differences within each are greater than those between. Generally, there is a tendency to exaggerate the processing power required to run photo software.

scokill Veteran Member • Posts: 4,603
Re: Intel or AMD

i7 3770K $229 at micro center.  Can't be beat for the price IMO.

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DavidZvi Regular Member • Posts: 143
Re: Intel or AMD

No question, Intel.

AMD is better at the lower end entry level systems, those WITHOUT a dedicated graphics card.  The Trinity APU is very good.  But as soon as you talk a dedicated card it's Intel.  And for 2-D applications the GPU does NOT need to anything special, anything over 100-150 is more than enough, even the AMD APU or Intel HD4000 would actually do. But what you need is at least 4 cores, clock speed and RAM.  16-32gb of RAM.

But the other problem with AMD is the upgrade path.  It's limited.  AND to get the latest CPU on many motherboards you need to be running the latest bios.  And guess what, you need to install an older chip in order to upgrade the bios.  So yes you may need the cheapest lowest $$$ cpu you can find in order to get your latest greatest CPU to work.

So unless you are looking for an office productivity machine, go Intel.

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edispics Veteran Member • Posts: 3,499
Re: Intel or AMD

I have been building my own PCs for longer than I can remember and I totally agree with the previous comments about buying Intel. Spend some time choosing your motherboard carefully, make sure you have your Sata3 and USB 3 connections. Make sure you have an adequate video card, PS CS6 chokes on some low end cards. Memory is cheap these days, buy as much as you can afford. OCZ and Crucial make good SSDs. If you want a little more bang for your photo storage, take a look at the Seagate Momentus XT hybrid drives - part SSD, part mechanical, very fast, lots of storage. If buying from WD, take a look at the Blacks rather than the Greens. Get a reputable, reliable power supply, don't scrimp. Get a case with really good ventilation. Win 8 has much better memory management. Don't like Metro, no problem, just get Classic Menu from Source Forge, it's free and gives you back your traditional desktop with the start button, and you can still flip into Metro when you want to - best of both worlds. Set up properly with Win 8, a good Intel processor, lots of good high speed memory, and SSDs - these suckers fly. Good luck and enjoy.

OP chris49 Forum Member • Posts: 50
Re: Intel or AMD

Thanks guys that really helps

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Best regards

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