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Re: leaving olympus as main brand

Technokid wrote:

Hi, as topic i'm thinking of leaving olympus as main brand since i'm thinking of buyng new lens. The problem is this i have a E-420, with oly 14-42mm kit lens, oly 50mm manual lens and lensbaby composer, this last one i can change the mouting without using an adapter.

My reasons are:

- new oly lens price are not the cheapest,

- used oly lens in ebay are in reduced number and also not very cheap compared to other brands.

- oly apeares to be uninterested in continuing 4/3 system, and is inclined in going micro 4/3.

- no video in oly 4/3 system (correct this one if wrong).

Because of this i'm looking for other brand,

the 3 cameras i'm looking at the moment are:

-Nikon D3200 and D5200

- Canon 650D

At the moment i'm more inclined for the 650D, because:

-canon support (Nikon suport appears to be not that good)

-used lens quantity

-touch screen.

-price it's more expensive that the D3200 but cheaper that the D5200.

-lens price Nikon / Canon are similar, and they both have tamron and Sigma.

I want to know your opinions.

P.S: i'll be keeping my E-420 since at the moment i'm only geting offers of 100€+- which i think is not good enough.

we all know that olympus seem more focus on m4/3 that's why 4/3 feel like being abandoned.. but from the equipment you have right know, there is no attachment for you to stay with olympus.. if you want to leave just leave.. this is olympus slr forum so everybody use olympus and i have never any complain with their product.. i have my e5 (i know it was launched 2010) and it also can take video, and the price of olympus lens is not expensive to me.. let's compare ZD 35-100mm f2 with canon 70-200 f2.8 IS USM II the price is not very far diferent and yet the olympus have one stop bigger than canon but consider the image quality, ZD lens is far more superior.. if you want to take a movie perhaps you can take OMD EM 5 it is the best olympus can offer but if you want more quality on video you can pick GH2 or GH3... and all 4/3 lens still can be use

if you complain about the second hand price of your E420 let's just compare it with EOS 450D it is not very far different i guess.. the both launched at the same year..

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Craig from Nevada
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Re: ZD lens prices are actually very good right now

Roger Engelken wrote:

Yes, that is the ONE thing the naysayers and rumor mongers have done. They have allowed others and myself to acquire lenses we would have otherwise been unable to afford. I've purchased the 7-14, 14-35, 35-100, 150, 11-22 and 50-200 over the last nine months. Thank you all, I now have all the lenses I can imagine needing.

Now that the naysayers and rumor mongers have driven down the price of used gear, they should have the courtesy to add two or three more hours to each day to allow us extra time we all need to use this excellent bargain priced gear!!

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Are these sock puppet accounts ?

Roger Engelken wrote:

Seems like only yesterday we got a post from someone with less than five postings in their history questioning Olympus. Perhaps they need to start their own forum, because it is certainly stale material here. I am reminded of the old adage, the more things change, the more they stay the same. Perhaps Deja-vu is for real after all! I only wish I had so much time.

I am a bit unsure if there is not someone who is constantly re-registering and saying "I am leaving" in 100 different ways.

Yes, Olympus DSLR owners really think about leaving because after a year we still do not have the OMD sensor ( even I am adding another non-canicon system and keep my oly system ) but I would not register to a community and stand up and shout "I am leaving because its so bad here..."

dpreview should make a special forum "I just registered and I am leaving brand X" to shift those threads there.

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