Sony Mavica FD-91 review

Started Aug 27, 2000 | User reviews
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Sony Mavica FD-91 review

$699.00 on sale made this the best buy for me. I do web development so resolution is fine. The floppies make me "snap crazy". I have never taken so many pics, save what I need and reformat. The savings on film and memory sticks is a major plus. The 14x ("518" mm) OPTICAL zoom is great!


Battery life is good but I still carry a spare 550. I do carry a lot of disks but, how big would my bag be with a 500 mm zoom and tripod.

Sony Mavica FD-91
1 megapixels • 2.5 screen • 37 – 518 mm (14×)
Announced: Nov 16, 1998
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