Epson PhotoPC 550 review

Started Jun 27, 2001 | User reviews
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Epson PhotoPC 550 review

if you can't take a camera with you at all times, how do you expect to get good pictures? who wants to take giant 2meg pictures of boring stuff with a heavy camera. not me. that's why i got this thing. the epson 550 takes the best 640x480 pictures out there i have seen...and 74 of them on an 8mb card. the batteries are AA and last forever. construction is very sturdy. feels like it's made of rock. camera has been discontinued for almost 4 years, but is very pricey due to it's cult following. expect to pay 130-230 on ebay. see a reduced pic i took at (the front page pic) the other pics change constantly so they are from different cameras, both film and digital. the photopc 550 was rated #1 by both cnet and zdnet in 1998, before they replaced the reviews. search for the epson 550 in yahoo and check out the camera fan sites.


hard camera to find online. people who have them use them alot and seldom sell. can't stop taking pictures with this camera.

Epson PhotoPC 550
0 megapixels • 43 mm
Announced: Nov 26, 1997
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